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Hi..I'm going through weight loss program and thought of sharing my own experience with those who are really dishearten and nobody to guide them. So my friends don't be upset just know how to loose weight in simple steps. All you need is to be keep patience as its not any magical job to loose weight. As per i think it's a slow 'n steady race which we have to win at any cost.

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Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weight loss: How to mess up?

All of weight control/loss is about us choosing to take control of our lives. It's a vibration waiting to happen. We have to take hold of the vibration. The vibration is our steering wheel. However, only you and I can grab the steering wheel and drive our bodies as we choose them to show up.

When we take control, then the automatic nature takes over and helps us. Why? Because desire for any level of improvement in ourselves, as in taking better care of ourselves and the quality of our lives is a higher nature intention.

It's not an accident that some of us seem to drive ourselves nuts with off and on weight loss projects. Our higher selves are tying to get a message through to us. And it begins at the basic level of our biggest desire. That desire for many is body image. We think if we look better, then all else in our lives will fall into place. Some of that statement is true, but not all of it.

The truth is in keeping our bodies where we want them consistently, so that our thoughts do not stay stuck in that avenue of our lives. If it does, it then bleeds over into all other aspects of our lives. Money, relationships, health.

Funny thing this life of ours. For some of us, it's always something. If the money is good, then the relationship isn't, if the relationship is good then the money or health or body image is out of whack.

Quite often if we teach ourselves the tools of the gods through weight loss, we then have the shortcuts to all areas of our lives working at the same time. But it takes practice to reach the skill level, where we finally stop tripping over ourselves in some area of our lives.

Susan James writes of User Friendly Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our lives. From Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods.

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Michael Boyle said...

Totally agree with you, but it's easy to write but hard to do!