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Friday, October 24, 2008

Land Rover- Make a sweat taste!

Cars are not just about driving four tyres nowadays it’s a status symbol for those who want to live a luxurious life. The first Freelander has been available since 1998, and has been a big success throughout Europe. The Freelander is now Europe's best selling 4x4. In 2001, other features were added to the Freelander such as improved engines and gearbox. Land Rover is known worldwide for it's off the road performance. The Freelander has a smooth ride, is impressive off-the road, and is very secure. Although the prices are high, the reliability could be improved and could provide more space for drivers.

Eleven years later, Land Rover had already produced 250.000 cars, to pass to the half-million in 1966. But the customers Land Rover regretted not being able to more often use it. In light: of being able to leave it in company. The answer was effective with the appearance, in 1970, of cross-country of luxury Range Rover. A vehicle as at ease on the road as outwards.

Under Ford's stewardship production of Land Rovers has been ramped up to unprecedented levels. As an indicator of how, the three-million mark was passed just six years ago. An average of 700 cars are made every day.

Land Rover's history is tied in with it's equivalent, Jeep. It was while using a Jeep on his farm in Wales in 1947 that Rover's technical director Maurice Wilks and his brother Spencer realized there was a gap in the market for a British version. They famously outlined a sketch in the sand on a beach and the Land Rover was born.

The million models was crossed in 1976. However the range is not varied. That will change in 1989 with the arrival of Discovery. Freelander will be revealed, him, in 1997. Sold in 2000 with the Ford group, the British mark keeps any sound will have. A myth also related to Camel Trophy, where, except the first time in 1980, the Rover Land took along the competitors in the most moved back corners of planet of 1981 to 1991. Since, the challenge reappears in 2003 pennies the form of the Land Rover G4 Challenge.

lrm.co.uk offers all popular flavors of LandRover which is one of the most demanded cars in the world. So make your dreams come true and enjoy each ‘n every magical moment with your love ones.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Guy Salmon Land Rover- Best car information online!

Cars are becoming the first sign of luxury for the rich guys but depends on the brand, which you adopt because some of the costly vehicles also failed to make your status high. There are many pretenders to the sport-utility vehicle throne and at the top end of the luxury SUV market, the Land Rover Range Rover stands out like a beacon. Land Rover has built their reputation on developing vehicles that give superior performance in off-road conditions. The Range Rover has stood the test of time since its early beginnings when it was dubbed as a Rover civil enough that it can be driven by anyone in a business suit.

The Land Rover Range Rover is presently going through a new generation revitalisation and despite the change it still has an air of affluence and superiority. The Range Rover is easily a very competent off road vehicle and it also provides a level of luxury that is unsurpassed in the market, offering elegance and distinctiveness. The vehicle price is befitting its luxury and elegance and only the rich are likely to grab a new model when it comes out.

In 2003 the Range Rover saw its latest design change. Much of this new design came not in its appearance but in what is found underneath the hood. The new Land rover uses a unibody construction, which was engineered by BMW when it had owned Land Rover in the latter part of the twentieth century. The vehicle also boasts a fully independent suspension. These modifications made to the vehicle have enhanced its performance when driving on pavements, giving a more comfortable ride and controlled handling. There is no loss in the vehicles all terrain ability due to the new engineering changes. The latest range Rover comes as a four door, five-seater SUV.

The Land Rover Range Rover comes with the standard four wheel drive, and has an air suspension system that is height adjustable and gives the vehicle close to eleven inches of ground room. The suspension also provides ample approach and departure angles. The Range Rover HSE has a 4.4 litre V8 engine that gives 305 horsepower, which is up from the previous 282 horsepower, and the Range Rover Supercharged model comes in with a 4.2 liter engine with 400 horsepower. These two engines are matched with a six-speed automatic transmission with overdrive. The HSE's engine attains a 14 mpg in the city and close to 19 mpg on the highways.

The supercharged attains 13 mpg in the city and 19 mpg on the highways. Utilising what was good in the older model and mixing them with the more modern elements, the Land Rover Range Rover's cabin design has seen few changes. The cabin's rigid seat position, massive steering wheel and older style dash, is reminiscent of the older Range Rover models. However the navigation system which offers on and off road mapping, walnut inlays, and leather seats all combine to bring the vehicle into the modern era and stamping its class as a luxury vehicle. The rear seats have much more room and the cargo room is just about ordinary due to the floor being high.

Guy Salmon Land Rover have a comprehensive selection of new and approved used LandRover with over 300 vehicles in group stock, these vehicles have been prepared to the highest manufacturer standards and are competitively priced. So book a test-drive and win some great prices. Also you may find more detailed information at http://www.guysalmonlandrover.co.uk/

Monday, September 29, 2008

IPOD Vs MP3 Player – Complete review

Nowadays everyone wants to get the full information about the product, which they are looking to buy whether it’s the differences or the similarities. So here’s my research about the Ipods and MP3 player.

Differences Among Ipods and MP3 player:

Well, there are a lot of similarities between the two. Although IPODS are an older version that's memory is based on a hard drive like a computer. Hence they have more memory and options on how to use them. MP3 players mostly use flash players and discs, which is good for just wanting information (as in e-books) or music. IPODS also happen to be more expansive, sometimes hundreds of dollars. While CD based MP3 players are around $50.


While both allow you to download music from the net only the MP3 players that can also use CDs have the flexibility to do so. Some IPODS will also let you save pictures to your player. It's like modern day pictures of the family in your wallet. Some IPODS have video capability, meaning you could download movies as well as music and possibly games. These features depend on the specific IPOD capabilities.

Best option:

That depends on what you want to be able to use it for. Do you want it strictly for music? I would suggest the MP3 player. They're more versatile for music lovers. You could download from the net at places or be able to use store bought CDs. However if you would like to also use the instrument to watch movies and play games, an IPOD is what you seek. They have a bigger memory to be able to do these type functions.

Where to find online:

They've become so popular that you can get them wherever electronics are sold. I've found both MP3 players and IPODs even available at Wal-Mart. The cheapest MP3 play I found there was $25. The IPODs ranges from a little over $100 to almost $400. You can just as easily shop around on the net for which electronic you specifically want. I would suggest nothing under 2GB because it will have at least a decent size memory for several downloads of music. Movies of course require more memory, but 2GB will be a decent start.

How to use:

To download movies, music, and games most people find that it's best to find a website that has only a membership fee instead of the pay per a download. This is best if you want to have unlimited downloads. Otherwise, most companies charge around $5 a download. You may easily compare prices of ipod and mp3 players at very reasonable prices. That could really add up before you know it. Also membership sites are free of pop-ups and have no spyware or adware. It would be a good idea to make sure that there is a 100% guarantee. This is in case you do not like their selection. As for specific directions on the process for downloading, each device is different and it would be best to read the directions that come with your particular device.

The paid sites to download from them have so much to choose from it could be difficult to know where to start. You can download whatever you would like as much as you would like for a lifetime. Now you don’t have to search different stores for buying ipods just visit at http://www.savebuckets.co.uk/browse/consumer-electronics/audio-hi-fi/portable-devices/multi-media-players/ipod/

Friday, September 26, 2008

How to lose weight with Phentermine?

We all know that once weight exceeds the limit or overweight it becomes very hard to cut it down but this phrase has been made wrong by our famous researchers and physicians who discovered some magical pill called “Diet pills” which could be beneficial for losing weight fast, all you need to do is just spend some dollars from your pocket. Other options are also available like: exercise, jogging, fasting, drinking lime water, cycling etc. which needs some time which is quite tuff for the employees working in corporate offices where there’s no time to eat and even no time to for perfect sleep.

Many of diet pill companies claims to reduce your weight fast but they could harm body structure so always consult your family doctor about the side effects of that specific diet pill. Many weight loss companies offer samples of their products, because they are confident that the product will help you lose weight-- and they want people to try it risk free, knowing that those people will continue to purchase the product if they like it. Because the body types and chemical makeup vary slightly from person to person, not all diet pills will be the most effective for every person. The only way you are going to be able to find diet pills that work for your body type is to sample the pills and see if it works.

Phentermine is very effective drug, which falls under the amphetamine and phenethylamine category. It itself is not an amphetamine. In 1959, the FDA approved this substance as an appetite suppressant drug and since then has been widely used to help obese patients to suppress hunger and lose weight. Phentermine, like many other prescription drugs, is a centrally acting drug.

This means that it works in the brain by stimulating neuron bundles to release a particular group of neuotransmitters known as catecholamines. These include dopamine, epinephrine, norepeinephrine. The catecholamines excite the sympathetic part of the nervous system-the fight or flight response. In turn, it inhibits the hunger signal causing a appetite suppression.

You may also buy Phentermine online to save you valuable time. Also you may read some more pros and cons of this great diet pill at http://www.consumerpricewatch.net/phentermine.php

Acnexus- Best way to cure acne naturally!

Nowadays in teenagers one skin problem named Acne we may see common. Many researchers and skin specialists spent their plenty of time to find the treatments which could cure acne fast. The body can heal itself and make amazing recoveries but this is not possible if the body is not well nourished or is suffering from food intolerance or even allergies. Therefore, a proper nutrition program can be key in helping to clear acne. Many people have deficient diets due to the high percentage of refined foods, sugar and lack of fruit and vegetables consumed. Taking the proper vitamins as well as a nourishing diet can feed the body the vital nutrients to increase healing of skin and skin health. Often though, this may not be quite enough to totally clear acne although it often does help.

There are hundreds of different anti-spot creams, lotions, toners, etc on the market which all claim to clear acne fast. Some of these topical treatments can be effective as they can help keep the skin clean, fight bacteria and help calm the skin. If your acne is mild, this may be an affective treatment. Topical treatments only handle the surface problem though and so I recommend a nutritional program be followed too.

There are some medications used to help clear acne but these are prescribed by your doctor and are usually considered only after other steps (such as above) are taken. Some women may suffer from acne due to a condition of hormonal imbalance and in this case the oral contraceptive pill can assist in correcting this imbalance. It is rare though for women to have a hormonal imbalance and if you suspect this may be the cause of your acne, see your doctor. Some other medications used to clear acne include Isotretinoin and Nicotinamide but these medications can have side effects which range from flushes to psychosis, so this is not the best option and is used in more serious cases!

One natural treatment available is acnexus, which is specially made up all natural scrub.Our research has uncovered that Acnexus is not really a scrub, it's more of a mechanical treatment, like microdermabrasion. In fact, it actually feels just like microdermabrasion. It's infusion of Redmond Clay and micro bits of walnut shell are the primary mechanical exfoliants.

Now no need to waste your valuable time in roaming here ‘n there to find the shop to buy because after going through my acnexus review you don’t have to consult anyone. You may also visit for any Acne related query at http://www.sybervision.com/reviews/Review-Acnexus-Acne-Scrub.php

Inside out of Love Handles

Real cause behind Love Handles

Body Fat & Genetics. What do I mean by that? Well different people have different shaped bodies which means that they hold onto fat in different places. Many hold onto weight in their thighs the longest, while others hold onto it in their midsection. If you are reading this then obviously you are one of those that holds onto fat in their midsection. What can you do about that? Nothing! That's your body type. That doesn't mean you can't do anything about your love handles, just that you can't do anything about that being the place your body holds onto fat the longest.

You Have Love Handles Because Your Body Fat % Is Too High

If you want to get rid of your love handles then you will need to significantly lower your body fat %. How can you do this? Through diet & exercise. Yes I said the dirty d word, diet. You will have a very hard time getting rid of your love handles if you are not dieting. It's almost impossible to lose them through exercise alone!

What Diet Should You Choose?

You should choose a fat burning diet that keeps your metabolism running on high. That means you should not choose a low calorie diet which slows your metabolism. It's also very important to choose a diet that you can stick with long term.

Exercises To Get Rid Of Love Handles

You need to lower your body fat %. One of the best ways you can do this is by building more muscle! Each pound of muscle burns 50 calories a day even at rest. The best exercises you can do to get rid of love handles are not actually crunches or sit-ups. In fact those types of exercises are a waste of time because they burn very little in the way of calories and they do very little to build muscle. Instead you should do strength training exercise which helps you to build up more muscle mass. This will increase your metabolism and help you to lower your body fat % down low enough that your love handles disappear!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Now Weight-loss surgery seminar opens for you!

Learn all you wanted to know about bariatric surgery at a free seminar about the weight-loss surgery on Thursday at Kennedy Memorial Hospital, 435 Hurffvile-Cross Keys Road.

Two of Kennedy Health Systems surgeons trained in this procedure, Dr. Marc Neff and Dr. Louis Balsama, will talk about the benefits of bariatric surgery and whether it makes sense for you.

Patients must meet certain requirements and change their lifestyle. In bariatric surgery, the patient's stomach size is altered to help them lose weight. It's often viewed as an option of last resort.


Friday, September 19, 2008

Fresh fruits and green vegetables may help to lose weight!

My grandfather always reminds me to stay away from fast foods and eat more ‘n more fruits because eating fruits and vegetables have many health benefits, and it is also very good for weight loss. In this article we will see how you can include them in your daily healthy eating diet plan so that you not only lose weight but also enjoy other health benefits.

As per the FDA also people have to take at least 5-9 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables daily. The food guidelines issued by USA recently recommend this.

The daily recommended amount is equivalent to almost 2 cups of fruits and 2 and 1/2 cups of vegetables each day. When you think of it this way does it look that difficult to get your daily recommended dosage of fruits and vegetables?

The grocery store shelves in USA and throughout the world are bursting with fresh fruits and vegetables and they are usually very very less expensive than other and more nutritious than other foods in the supermarket. Considering how less expensive they are and how nutritious they are, having daily dosage should not be such a big problem.

In order to get the maximum benefit, you should eat different varieties of fruits and vegetables. Eating the same foods day after day is not so exciting. So if you eat try out different fruits and vegetables everyday it can be so much fun and also you can get all the different nutrients present in each.

Pick different colors and varieties as each color fruit or vegetable has different types of nutrients, so choosing a variety of different colors can ensure that you get all the vitamins and minerals present in them.

Another good method of enjoying your daily intake is to try out new recipes. Most people love to experiment and try out new recipes so why not do the same and enjoy all those veggies and fruits in different tastes.

An alternative would be to make juices out of the fruits or vegetables. Juices can be very good for the health, but they should be your second option - the first being to consume the foods directly as that can be more nutritious.

Never think that that vitamin pills are a good substitute for fresh fruits or vegetables. These foods contain far more than the micro-nutrients present in any vitamin pill on the planet. They are much less costly than the pills, are tastier to eat and much more nutritious.

So what are waiting for just try to start your daily dosage of the recommended daily servings and enjoy the immense benefits of eating fruits and vegetables? In beginning the goal might seem difficult initially but once you get into the habit of it, you can enjoy great health benefits in the long term.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weight loss chalanges makes biggest losers

The biggest losers turned out to be winners at Weight Loss Challenge 101, a local program that concluded last week with the distribution of prize money to the participants who lost the highest percentage of body weight.

Acorn reporter Sophia Fischer and I participated in the 12-week program led by Lisa Sallin in her Thousand Oaks home. Sallin weighed us and the other participants each week and periodically measured our arms, legs and waists. She also addressed a variety of health issues and strategies that helped us change poor eating habits and lose weight.

The 13 men and women who took part in the weight loss dropped a combined 108 pounds.

The program fee was $39. Five dollars of each participant's fee went to Fit Kids Foundation, a nonprofit organization that fights childhood obesity. The rest of the money goes into a kitty, and the three people who lost the highest percentage of their weight at the end of the challenge split the cash, with the biggest loser taking most of the prize.

Robyn Bruce, 42, of Oak Park earned the grand prize after losing 23.6 pounds—11 percent of her total body weight. She earned a $200 prize for her efforts.

Ann, a participant who wished to remain anonymous, came in second place after losing 15 pounds—8.2 percent of her body weight. She won $120.

Simi Valley resident Alex Smith, 23, placed third in the competition, shedding 18 pounds— 7.6 percent of his body weight. He received $80.

Accountability, said Bruce, was the key to staying on track. "You bite it, you write it,"

She said she had to record in a journal every morsel of food that went into her mouth.

Bruce said Sallin's approach was "homier" than other weightloss programs because it encouraged friendships and the spirit of competition.

"Alex and I were neck and neck," Bruce said. "That's when I got caught up in the competition. I was going to beat a 23year-old."

Smith said he plans on joining the next class as well. He said Sallin's talks about healthy eating led him to give up his addiction to junk food.

"I cut fast food from my life," Smith said. He also incorporated a regular exercise routine and tries to go to the gym every day.

Fischer and I were not among the celebrated losers. We were both spotty in our attendance and, as anyone who has failed at weight loss knows, we can list a number of reasons—or excuses—of what went wrong.

I lost nearly 8 pounds during the first few weeks of the class, but I lacked the focus necessary to keep up the momentum. I did not embrace the lifestyle changes necessary to shed pounds with gusto. While Bruce, Smith and others joyfully started new exercise routines, including walking, swimming, aerobics and other simple plans, I lacked the commitment to stick to my 10,000 steps per day exercise routine. Rather than focus on how great I felt every time I exercised, I saw the activity as one more chore to include in my already hectic day.

I also didn't stick to the 1,500 calorie plan necessary to keep on losing weight. Even though I gained back some of the weight I had initially lost, I'm grateful to still be a few pounds less than I weighed at the start of the program last June.

Fischer said she had "great intentions" when she first saw the ad for weight-loss coaching.

"I stuck with the program for the first six weeks," Fischer said. "But a two-week visit from my parents, a kitchen disaster, work and four children coming and going interrupted my focus on myself.

"Much to Sallin's despair, I missed a few meetings and never returned," Fischer said. "To her credit, she really tried, calling and e-mailing me to encourage me to continue. I did learn from her, having changed my eating habits and sticking with my early morning exercise regimen of biking, jogging and swimming."

Sallin is proud of her group's accomplishments. "Everyone who came consistently, lost weight consistently," she said, and called the success stories "heartwarming."

One woman was able to fit into a dress she hadn't worn in four years, while another woman was able to stop taking one of her blood pressure medications. Another gal went on vacation and didn't gain an ounce, Sallin said.

"Weight Loss Challenge isn't a diet," Sallin said. "It's a way to become healthier and to lose weight in a fun, stressfree environment."

Both Fischer and I believe that the Weight Loss Challenge is a gem of a program and one of the most effective ways to lose weight locally. We both plan on enrolling again.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Obesity Surgery, cheap way to cut extra pounds

The cost of the most common type of weight-loss surgery, which typically runs between $17,000 and $26,000, is offset within two to four years by medical cost savings, according to a new study.

The findings, published in the September issue of the American Journal of Managed Care, may increase pressure on health-insurance companies to cover gastric bypass surgery. Some insurance plans specifically exclude weight-loss surgery, despite medical evidence of its effectiveness as a treatment not just for obesity, but also for related conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea.

"The most cost-effective treatment for obesity is bariatric surgery. If you do that, within two to four years, you will get your money back," said the study's lead author, Pierre-Yves Crémieux, a health economist and principal at Analysis Group Inc., an economic consulting firm in Boston. "We have identified the break-even point for insurers," he added.

Some policy makers and analysts are likely to question the findings because the study was paid for by Johnson & Johnson's Ethicon Endo-Surgery unit, a maker of surgical devices and instruments used in weight-loss surgery. Dr. Crémieux said he stands by the study's integrity and added that the company "has been totally hands off."

The findings will interest employers and insurance companies, but the main concern has always been the safety and effectiveness of the surgery, said Susan Pisano, a spokeswoman for America's Health Insurance Plans, a trade group in Washington. "I don't know if these results would be replicated in other populations," she added.

The journal's co-editor in chief, Michael E. Chernew, said the study addresses an "important and controversial" issue for his readers, including medical directors of insurance companies who make coverage decisions. He said the study was carefully scrutinized by independent reviewers who requested a series of manuscript revisions. "I won't deny that I would rather this be funded by some other organization, but there is no bias in the methodology," he asserted.

Each of 3,651 severely obese patients in a large claims database who underwent surgery was matched to a control subject who didn't have the surgery. The patients were matched for age, gender, geography, health status and baseline costs. The patients were predominantly female with an average age of 44 years. More than one-third of the patients had hypertension and many had high cholesterol, diabetes and other conditions.

The analysis covered six months of presurgical evaluation and care, the surgery itself and, on average, about 18 months of postsurgical care, including costs incurred from surgical complications. Some patients' postsurgical claims were tracked for up to five years. Costs included payments for prescription drugs, physician visits and hospital services. Claims were monitored for obese patients who didn't have surgery over the same period.

The study showed that insurers fully recovered the costs of laparoscopic surgery after 25 months. Laparoscopic surgery is a less-invasive version of gastric bypass with an average cost of $17,000. Between 2003 and 2005, the break-even point was reached in 49 months for traditional bariatric surgery, which carries an average cost of $26,000. The study didn't address gastric banding, a rival procedure.

Health economist Eric A. Finkelstein sounded a skeptical note. If the control group had "one really bad outcome, such as a heart transplant, that alone could be enough" to significantly change the results, he said in an interview. Several years ago, Dr. Finkelstein published a similar study using a different methodology, which suggested a 10-year return on investment on weight-loss surgery.

Dr. Finkelstein said that over time he has come to believe that the "return-on-investment" analysis of weight-loss surgery is "misguided." This economic metric isn't used to evaluate the cost-effectiveness of treatments for cancer or heart disease.

source: WSJ.com

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Diabetes cured by weight loss surgery

Obese diabetes patients who have gastric bypass weight loss surgery often show dramatic improvement in blood sugar control within days, long before significant weight loss occurs.

The reversal of type 2 diabetes tends to occur much more rapidly than with gastric banding, and a new study may help explain why.

The findings could also advance the search for better diabetes treatments that target the small intestine and not the pancreas, researchers say.

"It is increasingly clear that the intestine is not just a conduit for food transit," gastric bypass surgeon Francesco Rubino, MD, tells WebMD. "We now know that it is also a very important organ for the regulation of glucose."
Intestine Produces Glucose

Several recent studies have suggested that weight loss surgery is a more effective treatment for type 2 diabetes in obese people than standard treatments for the disease.

Because weight loss alone cannot explain the rapid remission of disease in many gastric bypass patients, researchers have looked for other causes.

One theory has been that surgery alters the expression of hormones that help control appetite, blood sugar, and weight.

But studies designed to test this hypothesis have proven contradictory, diabetes researcher Gilles Mithieux tells WebMD.

In their newly published study, reported in the September issue of the journal Cell Metabolism, Mithieux and colleagues looked elsewhere for answers.

"We know from earlier work that the small intestine can produce glucose," he says. "We showed that with gastric bypass surgery you essentially double the capacity of the intestine to do this."

By studying mice treated with either gastric bypass or banding, researchers confirmed that the bypass operation was associated with increased production of glucose, or blood sugar, in the small intestine, while gastric banding was not.

Gastric bypass surgery essentially produces a "double intestine," Mithieux says. The portion of the small intestine that is closest to the stomach is bypassed so that it no longer received nutrients. The lower small intestine is then attached to the stomach where it becomes the main nutrient receiver.

By surgically repositioning the lower small intestine, which usually does not produce much glucose, it ramps up intestinal glucose production and improves insulin sensitivity, he says.
Treating Diabetes With Surgery

Rubino tells WebMD that the findings offer important insights into the role of the small intestine in blood sugar regulation.

"This doesn't tell the whole story, but it appears to be an important piece of the puzzle," he says.

The gastric bypass surgeon is a strong advocate of using the surgery as a first-line treatment for type 2 diabetes -- a position that remains controversial.

He directs the diabetes surgery center at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center.

"Surgery promises to be one of the most powerful resources we have to fight this disease," he says. "I don't think it will be the answer for everyone. But for patients with the right profile, the results can be remarkable."

Rubino believes that the surgery can help not just diabetic patients who are morbidly obese, but also people who are overweight but don't weigh enough under current guidelines to be considered for the gastric bypass procedure.

"We hope to study this to see if surgery is better than conventional treatment in patients who are moderately obese or just overweight," he says.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Choose proper food to lose weight fast!

Recently a patient asked me what she should eat to lose weight. She had tried almost every diet there was but had no success. She asked if I had a diet she could take home and successfully take the pounds off.

In my practice, I try to help my patients understand as much about their condition as possible. Before starting my residency, I was a college professor.

My students always did well on their tests because I helped them understand that simply memorizing information was useless.

This was because the information is usually lost with time and can't be applied practically. An example would be to understand how and why, instead of what and when.
I apply this concept to my medical practice to help patients understand their illnesses and, as a result, be more compliant with the treatment regimen.

The how in this case is to take in fewer calories than you burn and include exercise? It is also important to be aware we burn calories just maintaining our functions to live.

Examples are our bodily functions including breathing or our heart continuously beating.

I first told the patient she was capable of making the right decisions when it came to choosing foods. I told her to always ask herself if it is healthy and that 99 percent of the time, she would be correct. I gave her an example of fried chicken versus baked chicken. I then gave her the example of three wings versus two wings.

The why in this case is the fact our bodies have natural defense mechanisms and respond to environmental stressors to survive?

During the questioning, she admitted to skipping breakfast on most mornings. We should try to eat small, frequent meals. I stressed that this was a problem when we allow a long period of time to pass between meals. In order to maintain vitality, the body's metabolism slows down and the body stores more fat. Also, when you are very hungry, it is harder to make a healthier food selection.

Try going to the local pizza game establishment (which I am forced to attend almost every week for one of my 7-year-old daughter's classmates' birthday parties), and choose the salad after not eating all day. Chances are you are going to make an unhealthy choice.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer champs beneficial for Kids to lose weight fast

As the summer vacation starts they've been trying out loads of different sports, and learning to eat more healthily.

Brother and sister Jamal, 11, and Janeisha, 8, have been spending time at the camp, and have both lost around a stone (6.35 kg) in weight!

They say they feel loads better with the weight off.

Jamal said: "Having the weight on, it was harder to do things.

"I couldn't really run very fast, or jump very high either."
As the weeks went by and he saw the weight drop off, Jamal said: "I felt proud of myself and a whole lot better."

His sister Janeisha said: "When I had the weight on me it was horrible, because I couldn't jump, and I couldn't bend down."

Now Janeisha says she can jump higher and bend down properly.

They're just two of the 100 kids who've taken part in this summer's camp, and for

the first time some of them had their fees paid by the local hospital.

Camp organisers say most of them are expected to keep the weight off, because they're taught how to stay healthy when they go home.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Busy women lose weight fast without a diet

Many women just stare at those well-shaped women on the beach and wonder what’s the secret behind fast weight loss? But if you think that you will never be able to get your body in such a shape as theirs would be wrong because if you’ll work hard then nothing seems to impossible. Looking at other fit women puts the pressure on most of us to get in shape and lose weight as fast as possible.

I for one discovered that using weight loss diets is not always the right answer that will work for every type of women out there. One of the biggest problems with diets is that they could make us eat a lot more than women who don't use diets at all. This happens because when we are on a diet we don't eat when we want to, but evaluate if this food is good for us or not. The chocolate cake we are craving and not eating because our diet says so will build up emotional frustration and will make life miserable on a daily basis whenever we see the foods we love. Abstaining from the foods we love in order to achieve fast weight loss, will work for some women, but not for all.

See when you significantly reduce the amount of food you eat, the brain sends impulses through the nervous system as if the body is starving. Your metabolism will slow and your organism will digest the food slower in order to survive starvation. This will create strong desires to eat food that will cause you anxiety. With this kind of pressure, depending on the person, you could lose self-control and indulge in binge eating. The problem with this is that your body burns food slower now due to decreased metabolism. When you lose self-control, which is very likely for most women on diets, instead of fast weight loss you will gain weight. Saying all that, I recognize that diets work miracles for some type of women, and yet for others they destroy their health.

Herbal Products may help you to lose weight

Looking for an effective weight loss program that could cut belly fat without worrying about the prices but sometimes costly diet pills can’t reduce your weight which an herbal treatments can do. Herbal products are one of the most effective and safe ways to cure many illnesses. Today, it is also one of the best known products used in weight loss programs. Because it is safe to use, a lot of people use herbs to shed some extra pounds off. Over the years, it has proven to be very effective as a diet pill.

Nowadays a wide range of herbal products for weight loss are available in the market. However, not all of them are considered safe to use. Among hundreds of herbal products only few are proven safe and there are also some which are proven to be detrimental to one's health. Extreme caution in your decision would be necessary to avoid any adverse effects.

So here we begin our search with a list of herbal products used to treat weight loss problems. It might be a clever decision to consult these products with your doctors first to ensure safety in the weight loss process. All below mentioned are effective but takes some time:

Green Tea for Weight Loss

We people are already aware of Green tea which is being used from centuries already. Today, it has been proved that green tea is best to treat obesity problems. Because it allows faster metabolism in the body, it also permits more calories to be burned and excess fats to be metabolized. Although medical specialists have not proven green tea to be an herbal supplement to weight loss, many have deemed its use necessary in treating obesity problems.

St John's Wort

If you’re looking to cure depression then St John's Wort is the perfect match for you which has been medically accepted by many health agencies today. But don’t consider it only limited to depression problems. Today, this herbal product is widely known to treat weight loss problems. However, you must consider visiting a physician first before trying this herbal supplement.


Another effective weight loss diet pill Senna, which could really change you life. it allows more stimulation in the colon and therefore removes excess fat in your body because it is a laxative,. However, long term use is prohibited as this may affect the normal peristalsis in your stomach.


One amazing pill for regulating blood sugar levels is Licorice. Aside from this, Licorice reduces the cravings for sweets. Its sweet taste is the reason why many people who go on a diet prefer to take this herbal remedy. It is used for three months and produces faster solution to your weight loss problems.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Low-fat Diets May Not Be Best For Weight Loss, Study Suggests

A two-year study led by researchers from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev (BGU) reveals that low-carbohydrate and Mediterranean diets may be just as safe and effective in achieving weight loss as the standard, medically prescribed low-fat diet, according to a new study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The study was conducted by BGU and the Nuclear Research Center in Dimona, Israel, in collaboration with Harvard University, The University of Leipzig, Germany and the University of Western Ontario, Canada.

In the two-year study, 322 moderately obese people were intensively monitored and were randomly assigned one of three diets: a low-fat, calorie-restricted diet; a Mediterranean calorie-restricted diet with the highest level of dietary fiber and monounsaturated/saturated fat; or a low-carbohydrate diet with the least amount of carbohydrates, highest fat, protein, and dietary cholesterol. The low-carb dieters had no caloric intake restrictions.

Although participants actually decreased their total daily calories consumed by a similar amount, net weight loss from the low-fat diet after two years was only 6.5 lbs. (2.9 kg) compared to 10 lbs. (4.4 kg) on the Mediterranean diet, and 10.3 lbs. (4.7 kg) on the low-carbohydrate diet. "These weight reduction rates are comparable to results from physician-prescribed weight loss medications," explains Dr. Iris Shai, the lead researcher.

The low-fat diet reduced the total cholesterol to HDL ratio by only 12 percent, while the low-carbohydrate diet improved the same ratio by 20 percent. Lipids improved the most in the low-carbohydrate, with a 20% increase in the HDL ("good") cholesterol and, 14% decrease in triglycerides. In all three diets, inflammatory and liver function biomarkers was equally improved. However, among diabetic participants, the standard low-fat diet actually increased the fasting glucose levels by 12mg/dL, while the Mediterranean diet induced a decrease in fasting glucose levels by 33mg/dL.

In addition to the findings, this two-year study is also significant because of the relatively large number of participants coupled with a low drop-out rate -- 95 percent were in the study after one year and 85 percent were still participating after the second.

Dr. Iris Shai is a researcher at the S. Daniel Abraham International Center for Health and Nutrition in the Department of Epidemiology at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev. She conceived the study with Dr. Stampfer, the senior author, while she was a Fulbright fellow at Harvard School of Public Health and Channing Laboratory in Boston, Massachusetts.

The trial conducted at the Nuclear Research Center in Israel involved unparalleled and significant cooperation between staff, participants and their spouses. The cafeterias in the workplace went through a "health revolution," integrating the workplace cafeteria managers with clinical support and a nutritional advisor, in order to provide healthy food dishes that would fit each one of the dietary arms, as labeled with specific colors every day. Along with careful workplace nutritional counseling, spouses of the trial participants were educated on how to keep the specific assigned diet strategy at home. The participants also completed electronic questionnaires, developed specifically for the study.

"The Nuclear Research Center Dimona highly values health promotion within the workplace," said Dr. Dan Schwarzfuchs, director of the clinical department at the facility. "This is why it supported performance of such a nutritional study and enabled the outstanding adherence rate of the DIRECT participants."

"Clearly, there is not one diet that is ideal for everyone," Shai concludes. "We believe that this study will open clinical medicine to considering low-carb and Mediterranean diets as safe effective alternatives for patients, based on personal preference and the medical goals set for such intervention. Furthermore, the improvement in levels of some biomarkers continued until the 24-month point, although maximum weight loss was achieved by 6 months. This suggests that healthy diet has beneficial effects beyond weight loss."

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

4 Weight Loss Tips for Beginners

Most of people who are obese are heading north, and many of them are frantically looking for weight loss programs to help them lose excess fats off their body so that they look slimmer, fitter and sexier.

Here are 4 weight loss tips you should follow, on top of your weight loss program, so as to make sure that the weight loss program you've chosen will work flawlessly for you.

Tip #01 - Reduce your food intake

The first thing you should watch out for in order to lose weight is your diet. I know many of us can't resist when we step into a restaurant, and start ordering just about everything we see in the menu that looks nice. The rule of the thumb here is this - eat just enough so that you will not be hungry. Once you're no longer hungry, stop eating immediately. Never stuff yourself with food.

Tip #02 - The importance of exercising

Exercising will help your body burn fats. No diets will work without the help of a good exercise regime.

Tip #03 - Eat healthy

Most people concentrate too much on getting thin that they fail to recognize the more important thing - which is that they have to concentrate the fact that they have to eat healthy as well. By eating the right foods, and adequate amount, you should not have to worry about getting fat.

The main reason why so many people are overweight these days is because of the food they eat, which are normally fatty foods and sweets - which should be avoided as much as possible.

Tip #04
- Get support from family and friends

All these weight loss tips and programs won't do you any good if you feel that you're going through this whole process all by yourself. Try to involve people whom you are very close with into your weight loss program.

You may not realize it but, their support can actually help you go a very long way in your weight loss journey. For one, they would be considerate enough not to eat cakes and rich desserts in front of you. They could also stop you from biting on a piece of chocolate bar at the very last minute!

Follow these 4 weight loss tips and you should be on your way toward a slimmer, leaner and sexier body. You have to be patient though, as the whole weight loss success journey does not happen overnight. But I can guarantee you one thing - that the fruits of your labor will certainly be sweet.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Lose Weight Fast With These Three Tips

For busy women who want to lose weight fast, life just got a lot easier. Registered Dietitian Jayson Hunter has made several quick weight loss tips available to help the busy woman on the go lose pounds and inches.

Hunter explained, “Everyone is busy these days, especially women. But losing weight fast doesn’t need to be looked at as difficult or as a chore.” He went on to say, “Just following these three quick weight loss tips will go a long way to helping any woman lose pounds and inches.”

The Registered Dietitian recommends these three tips for rapid fat loss:

1) Record what you eat and drink.

Women are often amazed by the amount of calories they realize they are consuming. Keeping a food journal is critical to their success because they need it to evaluate and analyze their current eating patterns.

2) Incorporate “super foods” into your meal plan on a daily basis.

Some examples are salmon, low-fat plain yogurt, tomatoes, spinach, mixed berries, whole oats, mixed nuts, olive oil, flax seeds(or flax meal), green tea, and various beans.

3) Keep total fat intake under 30% for the day.

This can easily be accomplished by avoiding “extra” fats such as butter, sour cream, mayonnaise, etc. This doesn’t mean women have to completely eliminate these items, just use them sparingly and avoid adding them to foods whenever possible.

All you need to follow these above mentioned tips with full dedication and honesty.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Now weight loss excerices varies

If you're interested in losing fat, you're objective is to create a daily caloric deficit. For example, If you're consuming 1700 calories per day, and expending 2000 calories per day, your caloric deficit is 300 calories. Losing a pound of fat requires a deficit of 3500 calories. So, to lose two pounds per week would require a daily deficit of 1000 calories.

If you'd like to increase your daily caloric deficit, you have two options;

1. To decrease your caloric intake by eating fewer calories, or..

2. To increase your caloric expenditure via more activity / exercise. However, you cannot decrease your daily caloric intake much lower than 1200 to 1500 or so without potentially creating health and metabolism problems.

In fact, many people's metabolism (basal metabolic rate) is so slow from years of inactivity and dieting, that they are only burning fewer than 1500 calories per day. Without exercise, they would have to decrease their daily caloric intake to unhealthy levels to lose weight. And, a caloric intake that's too low only creates more metabolism problems and a vicious cycle of more weight gain.

So, the only remaining factor in the deficit equation is caloric expenditure through increased activity / exercise.

The good news is that you can substantially increase your caloric expenditure. For example, if you're currently walking for 30 minutes two days per week, over a period of several weeks you can increase your walking to 60 minutes per day, six to seven days per week and begin weight training for 30 minutes three days per week.

In this example, you would increase your monthly exercise minutes from about 240 to 1530. Plus, in addition to the calories that you're expending during exercise, you would also substantially increase the number of calories you're burning 24 hours-a-day, yes, you'll even burn more calories while you're sleeping because you've fired-up your basal metabolic rate. You can't beat that, can you?

Here's another VERY important reason to exercise while you're restricting calories and trying to lose weight. you tend to lose muscle tissue from any muscle that you're not using while you're restricting calories. You've heard it - use it or lose it. And, there are three main consequences to losing muscle;

1. Your metabolism (basal metabolic rate) decreases causing you to burn *fewer* calories 24 hours-a-day and causing the maintenance of your weight loss to be *very* difficult.

2. Your muscles get flabby and mushy.

3. You are weaker and become fatigued more easily.

That's enough to get anybody to start exercising. Get going!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weight loss: How to mess up?

All of weight control/loss is about us choosing to take control of our lives. It's a vibration waiting to happen. We have to take hold of the vibration. The vibration is our steering wheel. However, only you and I can grab the steering wheel and drive our bodies as we choose them to show up.

When we take control, then the automatic nature takes over and helps us. Why? Because desire for any level of improvement in ourselves, as in taking better care of ourselves and the quality of our lives is a higher nature intention.

It's not an accident that some of us seem to drive ourselves nuts with off and on weight loss projects. Our higher selves are tying to get a message through to us. And it begins at the basic level of our biggest desire. That desire for many is body image. We think if we look better, then all else in our lives will fall into place. Some of that statement is true, but not all of it.

The truth is in keeping our bodies where we want them consistently, so that our thoughts do not stay stuck in that avenue of our lives. If it does, it then bleeds over into all other aspects of our lives. Money, relationships, health.

Funny thing this life of ours. For some of us, it's always something. If the money is good, then the relationship isn't, if the relationship is good then the money or health or body image is out of whack.

Quite often if we teach ourselves the tools of the gods through weight loss, we then have the shortcuts to all areas of our lives working at the same time. But it takes practice to reach the skill level, where we finally stop tripping over ourselves in some area of our lives.

Susan James writes of User Friendly Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our lives. From Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weight loss leader has shed 64 pounds

When you hear stories of people losing 64, 55 and 43 pounds within five months, it usually means you're watching an infomercial.

But such stories also are about your neighbors in Northbrook, Glenview and Highland Park, who are the last three contestants in the local "Move It and Lose It Now" program, akin to the contest featured on television's "The Biggest Loser" reality show.

The local contest, sponsored by Sylvia Orizaba, owner of Body Empowered Fitness Studios in Northbrook and Highland Park, started with 11 contestants Feb. 1. It will end with a weigh-in July 31, which will reveal the person who has managed to shed the highest percentage of his or her own body weight.

The winner will receive a lifetime of free personal training sessions at Body Empowered Fitness.

In the lead

Northbrook's John Fitzpatrick is the front runner: He's lost 64 pounds.

The senior portfolio manager for Allstate tells a story that many people can relate to: He weighed 200 pounds in high school, 225 pounds at the age of 40 and 275 at age 45.

Although he's just 11 pounds from his high school weight, he's working harder than ever to get there. "It isn't coming off as easily" as the first two months, Fitzpatrick said. "I've definitely hit a plateau, and now I've got to work out harder at the gym."

"If I win I can get tortured even more" by the trainers, Fitzpatrick joked.

Running second

David Allen, a professional musician who works odd hours performing in Chicago bars and nightclubs, was leading after losing 39 pounds during the first two months of the competition. He is still in the running, after taking off 16 more pounds. Allen, who started at 300 pounds, concurred that it's getting hard to shed weight.

"The last month was a little frustrating because I reached a plateau and I was only moving a few pounds," Allen said.

Allen is perplexed how Fitzpatrick raced ahead of him.

"I don't know if he's been cutting off limbs or what," Allen joked.

"I was always leery about it being a race," Allen said. "Doctors always tell you to lose it slowly but surely, and that's what I'm looking to do.

"I starting to go from contest mode to the rest of my life mode," in how he thinks about the contest, Allen added.

If he doesn't win, Allen said he's thinking of splitting is workouts between the studio and a regular health club.

"I'm so thankful they're allowing me to use this as a springboard to change my life," Allen said. "I love working with the trainers, but sometimes I like to put my music on and work out alone."

45 pounds lighter

Highland Park's Robert Suszek, 41, is in third place after losing 45 pounds. He lost 20 pounds during the first two months and another 25 pounds since. He began the contest at 390 pounds.

"I have a bad back and two bum knees. Not carrying a 50-pound weight all the time is great," said Suszek, who works as a salesman.

"My wife says I don't snore as much when I sleep," Suszek said.

"I have four children and I want to be around for them," Suszek said. "My oldest said 'dad, I can wrap my arms around your whole body now.' "

"He looks awesome," wife Angela said. "It definitely shows in his personality. He has a lot more energy and he sleeps better."

Orizaba said it's no secret why these three finalists are still in the competition.

"They've worked the hardest and they've been able to put in the time."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weight loss drugs in highlights

A controversial weight-loss drug has been approved for use on the NHS. Rimonabant will be made available to overweight or obese patients who cannot take, or who have had no success with, two other drugs, orlistat and sibutramine. It comes after concerns about rimonabant's side-effects, including suicidal thoughts and depression.

The news comes after the medicines watchdog said last month that it had received 720 reports of adverse drug reactions (totalling 2,123 individual reactions) in the UK since the drug launched in 2006.

Five resulted in death (one suicide, one from infection, one sudden death from an unknown cause and two heart attacks), the data, from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), showed. Of the total number of reactions, 974 involved psychiatric disorders, of which 48 reports involved suicidal thoughts. A total of 93 involved depression, 32 involved panic attacks while others related to, among other things, inability to sleep, mood swings and tearfulness.

The drug went on sale in the UK in June 2006 but approval from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) for use on the NHS has only just been issued.

People in the UK, Germany, and France are the highest users of rimonabant worldwide. It has not yet been authorised in the US due to safety fears. In December, research published in The Lancet medical journal warned of the the mental health hazards from rimonabant. A review of trial evidence involving more than 4,000 patients found they were three times more likely to stop treatment because of anxiety than patients given a dummy drug, and 2.5 times more likely to stop because of depression.

The Nice guidance recommends rimonabant "as an addition to diet and exercise for adults who are obese or overweight and who have had an inadequate response to, are intolerant of or are contraindicated to orlistat and sibutramine".

Friday, June 20, 2008

Australia emerges as world's fattest nation

According to an alarming new report, Australia has become the fattest nation in the world, with more than 9 million adults now rated as obese or overweight.

The most definitive picture of the national obesity crisis to date has found that Australians now outweigh Americans and face a future "fat bomb" that could cause 123,000 premature deaths over the next two decades.

If the crisis is not averted, obesity experts have warned, health costs could top $6 billion and an extra 700,000 people will be admitted to hospital for heart attacks, strokes and blood clots caused by excess weight.

The latest figures show 4 million Australians — or 26% of the adult population — are now obese compared to an estimated 25% of Americans. A further 5 million Australians are considered overweight.

The report, Australia's Future 'Fat Bomb', from Melbourne's Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, will be presented at the Federal Government's inquiry into obesity, which comes to Melbourne today.

A grim picture is painted of expanding waistlines fuelled by a boom in fast food and a decline in physical activity, turning us into a nation of sedentary couch potatoes.
Those most at risk of premature death are the middle-aged, with 70% of men and 60% of women aged 45 to 64 now classed as obese.

But some weight specialists have questioned the tool used to measure obesity, saying "entire rugby teams" would be classified as obese if their body mass index (BMI) was calculated. BMI is measured by dividing weight in kilograms by height in metres squared. A BMI of over 25 is considered overweight while more than 30 is obese.
But the tool does not distinguish between muscle and fat, prompting calls for the BMI overweight limit to be raised to 28.

However, even leading nutritionist Jenny O'Dea from the University of Sydney — who recently claimed Australia's childhood obesity epidemic had been exaggerated — has backed the new figures, which suggest that the crisis for adults has been drastically underestimated.

Professor O'Dea said that while being fat was not necessarily a health risk for everyone, there was no doubt obesity was taking its toll on the nation.
It was previously thought that around 3 million adults were obese. But many past surveys were seen as unreliable as they often required participants to guess their own weight.

The latest data was based on more than 14,000 people at 100 rural and metropolitan sites in every Australian state and territory. Each had their BMI recorded by having their weight, height and waist measured as part of a national blood pressure screening day last year.

link-via-The Age

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quick weight loss diet pills

Nowadays there are many options available for those who want to lose weight fast. All it depends on you whether to go with the risk free which is the difficult way to lose weight or to take up an easy which is more risky way for weight loss. Mainly there are two factors that our body's weight is dependent on. They are:

1. DIET: Most important factor which affects your body weight and if not taken right precaution may results in overweight.

2. EXERCISE: Secondly the workout which we do as per the body needs. If proper and regular exercises are done then it may show some quick results without any weight loss pills.

Hence by having a control on these two parameters we can cut the body weight. However not always is it easy to reduce weight with the help of only diet control and exercise. In some cases you need an external help to reduce the extra fat in the body or to shed some kilos. This extra support may be through the weight loss pills. The weight loss pills comprise of the special components, mainly natural nutrients such as the vitamins etc, to control the body's metabolism. Our body's metabolism decided the way and the quickness of burning of the extra fat content in the body. If the metabolism of the body is fast, the fat contained in the body would be burned faster. You can reduce your body weight rapidly and more easily using weight loss pills.

One should consult their doctors and physicians to know the details of the different weight loss pills that are available in the market. If you have already used a particular brand of weight loss pills, then you continue using the same. The weight loss pills can also be used by the patient who are suffering from the problem so morbidly obesity. To increase the body's metabolism you can further do the breathing exercises. You can increase and regulate the body's metabolism rate through breathing exercises easily. Moreover the breathing exercises are safe to do and can be done anywhere in a short time period. You may also get ideas about fast weight loss here without any charges.

Women who have just conceived for them the diet pills are different. Weight loss pills may also benefit female who have just been pregnant and wants to reduce the extra fat and weight that they have gained during pregnancy. They can also do the exercise to reduce the weight faster. Weight loss pills are not only a safe way of reducing weight, but are efficient as well the weight loss pills have a fixed course.

I’ll recommend all of you to first discuss from experts/doctors/physicians before choosing the weight loss pill brands.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to make rapid weight loss

Overweight not only affects the physical appearance of the body but also harms in many ways. This could be the overall quality of life, self-esteem, depression, health risks, and physical incapability. Once people experience with weight loss they also get aware of lot of positive aspects. It is for this reason why a lot of people are searching for a weight loss technique that will surely trim down those fats and get a super slim head turner body. So here we start with the treatment…

First of all over-weight should ask their doctors to suggest best weight loss program. This will be done after a full physical examination, which leads to the determination of proper weight loss technique. Four aspects of life that are to be considered to lose weight fast:

->What to eat
->How to eat
->Eating behavior
->Activity level

Here are fast weight loss tips that can change lifestyle:

1. Fast weight loss comprises of multiple technique including meditation, exercise, yoga and also diet supplements in special cases. Begin by learning a diet food plan that can easily be accustomed with. Incorporate an exercise plan that allows even at least fifteen minutes a day like brisk walking, running, swimming, and dancing.

2. Set realistic approaches because if you focus and have proper mindset enables someone on a diet to quickly lose those extra pounds. With discipline and proper mind set, a dieter will never be discouraged and lose focus.

3. Concentrate on your body language. Each and everyone's body metabolism reacts differently to different fast weight loss programs and plans. Try substituting one program for another to compensate the body's reaction. Exercise program must be suitable to one's body, as others are not able to exercise as rigorously as others can. If walking is all that can be done, then walk for this is proven the best exercise. Muscles burn more calories than fats so it's also best to put on a little muscle and looking good too.

4. Increase the amount of fibers in your diet as it makes a person full sooner and stays in the tummy longer, slowing down the rate of digestion. A single serving of whole grain bread moves fat through the digestive system faster. Grains turn into blood sugar that spikes the body's insulin level. Thus, making the body more energized and ready to tell the body when it should stop burning fats or start storing.

5. Say no to fried foods especially deep-fried as this contains a great amount of fat. Although fish and chicken appear leaner than beef, this white meat can contain more fat than when a beef is fried. It is recommended for those on strict diet to opt for grilled food as this does not have or contain less amount of fat after the food is cooked.

6. Try to take lots of fluid. Drinking at least six to eight glasses of water a day keeps the body refreshed. Since weight loss depends on how the body eliminates body wastes, the body must stay hydrated.

All these steps following consistently and honestly may help you cut some extra pounds without spending money safely. For further weight loss tips you may contact through mails.

Friday, June 6, 2008

U.S teenager drinks 356 calories daily

As per U.S researchers children who are in habit of sugar-sweetened beverages (sodas, fruit drinks and sports drinks) drink an average of 356 calories per day.

Comparing data from two time periods, 1988 to 1994 and 1999 to 2004, researchers at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health showed that over-consumption of sugary beverages is widespread, with 84 percent of teens consuming sugar-sweetened beverages on a typical day.

An adolescent male who intakes the average amount of sugar-sweetened beverages per day of 356 calories should need to jogging for atleast an hour or walk for more than three hours to burn off these excess calories, lead author Dr. Y. Claire Wang.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, also showed that children ages 6 to 11 consumed 20 percent more calories from sugar-sweetened beverages in 1999 to 2004 compared with the 1988 to 1994 period.

The study also noted a more rapid increase in sugar-sweetened beverage calorie consumption among African-American and Mexican-American youth.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weight loss surgery demand hikes up

Weight loss surgery, instant way of losing weight without making any hard efforts but expensive and this makes it out of reach for poor peoples. Many patients at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville are using Bariatric surgery to get rid of their overweight.

Although many people think of it as purely cosmetic, there are health benefits that come with trimming fat.

Sally Askew, an Albemarle County resident who underwent the procedure said “I was ready to go. I bugged them to death until they got me in. I was very excited about it.”

Askew said she was tired of not being able to be active with her grandchildren. Now, she's lost 35 pounds and says she has more energy.

“This just seemed to be to be what I was looking for for a long time. I've always been pretty active, but it's just more fun now,” she added.

But the road to improved health wasn’t simple.

Dr. Michael Trahan, a surgeon who performs the procedures at the hospital told “The misconception is that bariatric surgery is an easy way out of morbid obesity. It's actually very challenging in a lot of ways.”

Gastric bypass and Banding are two procedures. During bypass surgery, the intestines and stomach are divided, and staples are used to seal everything shut. Option two, a banding procedure, shrinks the stomach without any cuts. Instead, a band is tightened to control intake.

Trahan says the surgery helps people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Avoid beers and chilly chicken for loosing weight

Drink more ‘n more beer and eat some fatty foods if someone has to gain weight quickly but avoid all these drinks and chilly chicken if you want to loose weight fast. Beer is the world’s oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage. I remember that day very well when my brother took me to his company named foster which makes beer and popular brand in Australia.

Beers have starches and high volume of fat which could be dangerous for those who are going through weight loss program. Wow how tasty this dish is? Can anyone make a guess? Don’t stress your brain I’ll tell you…..this is chilly chicken. While drinking some cold beers everyone likes to eat chicken and its first choice chilly one but if start taking roasted chicken or half cocked on light fire without having any spicy cover.

So by exploring all these tricks you may definitely control overweight because it’s a practical experiment exhibited in real life. You may also consult family doctors or specialized physicians for clearing all confusions.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Instant weight loss program may kill body fitness

Many big shots claims to treat overweight in just 20 days but after some time you start loosing body energy. Why this happens? A year before I have gained some 40 pounds because of excess eating of fast foods and drinking red wines. I consulted my family doctor Mr. smith jones who advised me to join some weight loss program. Then I searched on yahoo and find an instant way for getting rid of unwanted fat.

After paying some 500 USD they cured my overweight in three weeks but as the time passed I started loosing body fitness. My energy boasters were vanishing slowly-slowly and finally when I became lazy man. I immediately ran to that weight loss company and reported their manager. After a long discussion with him I find no satisfactory comments then I decided to go for go for Yoga and meditations. According to the scientific researches yoga cures overweight well and moreover it doesn’t have any side effects.

So before joining any weight loss program please consult some specialist and try to know all their hidden side effects which can harm your body later on. If you want some advices on how to loose weight fast contact me immediately. My advices are totally free and easy.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

China crazy about losing weight fast

In modern society Obesity is a curse but one of China's most popular specialised hospitals is looking very eager to help weight loss hope with great techniques and long experience.

Aimin Fat Reduction Hospital situated in the coastal city of Tianjin claims to do just what its name suggests with traditional herbal remedies and treatments such as acupuncture, cupping and massage.

Chief doctor and hospital director Shi Lidong told Reuters that "The best thing about the Chinese way of losing weight is that it's safe and natural. While the weight falls away fast, we can also guarantee that all the life indicators are normal."

Hundreds of overweight and obese chinese are attracted towards the hospital , and also foreign patients are making their way there. American Alonzo Bland, who weighs 290 kgs (640 lb), checked into Aimin in May after winning a contest for one year's worth of free treatment held by a company that organizes trips to China for medical treatment.

Bland, a former social worker from Green Bay, Wisconsin, suffers from numerous health problems and has not worked in a decade because of his size. He can hardly walk and has a tube to help him breathe and offset the effect of the fat on his chest and neck which presses on his windpipe. He added "I think that fast food has played a big role, just the choices of being unable to go in the kitchen and fix something healthy, get in a car and go around the corner to get something that is fast.”

After failing to lose weight at home, Bland said he hoped China will help. "My ultimate goal is to lose weight and be healthier. It is up to me, but Chinese traditional medicine will help that along, and make the transition a lot more smooth for me," he said.

Mainly Chinese food consisting of green vegetables, tofu and rice, is the diet Bland should be on, Shi said. Bland is also being treated with acupuncture, cupping and massage. A Chinese patient who gave his name as Shen said he had come to the hospital after his weight became "inconvenient".

"You affect other people while sleeping and it is just inconvenient in life. I have to lose weight," he said while receiving acupuncture and massage treatments from doctors.

Thousands of plants, fungi and animals -- some endangered and controversial -- are used to make traditional Chinese remedies that are increasingly seen as an alternative to, or a complement for, pharmaceuticals. It is believed to have less side effects than Western medicine.

Hospital director Shi said he was confident Bland and his other patients would lose weight, but warned Aimin's traditional therapies were no replacement for another, age-old way to keep the weight off: exercise.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

People smoking cigarettes to lose weight

It’s hard to hear and face the reality which says you are fat and need some precautions, cures to lose weight but who am I to teach these lessons? So, being your well wisher and true friend I can’t tolerate my country going towards the hell which is created by us only. As per our grandfathers and their elders too human beings are categorized in three levels according to their commonsense, presence of mind and honesty.

Our today’s discussion is on smoking. Why some peoples think smoking could treat overweight well? If we watch some thin guy smoking a cigarette quickly we make our mind that if we also start smoking fat can never be in excess but it’s not a evidence or any specialists advice. Unfortunately, smoking is one of those means that some of those women use to lose weight. Why smoking? It is because smoking is one of the fastest ways out there to lose weight. Smoking accelerates weight loss because it kills the appetite and quickly burns the extra weight off the body’s system.

Did you know that smoking is currently the leading cause of death in the United States? According to the United States’ National Institutes for Diabetes & Digestive & Kidney Diseases, diseases directly resulting from smoking kill more than 400,000 people in the United States. Smoking also increases the risk of a person getting cancer. And not just cancer of the lungs; smoking is linked to cancer of the cervix, the larynx, the esophagus, the kidneys, the pancreas, even breast cancer. Smoking also robs the body of calcium, so women who smoke are more prone to developing osteoporosis than women who do not smoke. In addition, women who smoke are also more likely to give birth to premature babies and babies with congenital defects.

Final conclusion after going through all the effects of smoking is that if you want to lose weight, smoking is not the ticket for you. I have mentioned earlier also try some simple exercises not necessary to go gym. Just plan a diet chart, know more how yoga treats overweight well and also some incredible benefits of dieting. Make use of your legs more of driving luxurious car and control your mouth going for fast foods. In this way, you will not feel hungry at all, and yet your body will remain nourished and actually increase its metabolism.

Quit smoking. Smoking is not good for you.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Weight loss hard to cure with snack diet

According to dieticians research theory splitting daily food intake into four or five snack-type meals speeds up fat-burning.

As per study 200 obese Australians, they found no weight-loss advantage from such kind of a diet.

Michelle Palmer, a dietician at the University of Newcastle told "There seems to be little benefit to changing how often or how regularly you eat if you're trying to lose weight."

"We found it's not when you eat that matters, but what and how much you eat."

Mainly the study involved 200 obese men and women who were all going with the same healthy, weight-loss diet and with the similar kilojoules intake, but with differing eating patterns.

One group ate three times a day, while the other added in three extra snacks to try to keep metabolism boosted throughout the day and speed up fat-burning.
But results showed no difference in changes in weight, waist measurement, body fatness or blood sugar levels between the groups.

Ms Palmer has told the national dieticians conference on the Gold Coast this week that the findings should end debate on the advantages of snacking and focus Australians back on keeping dieting simple.

She also said that "Many people find it hard enough to stick to a healthy eating plan to lose weight, let alone worrying about any suggested benefits of snacking or not snacking."

Dr Tim Crowe, a nutrition specialist at Deakin University in Melbourne, said the research dispelled a "faddish dieting trend".

Dr Crowe added "It's popular advice yet there's been very little research to show it actually helps with weight loss."

"It's rubbish. In fact, there's some research to suggest playing around with when you eat may actually cause you to put weight on."

He said dieters should be discouraged from making drastic changes to their eating patterns, but do what works for them.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Normally pregnancy gains some pounds

A very typical stage for women when they couldn’t have control over weight is pregnancy. I remember those days very well when my wife Rosy who was quite conscious about her weight and fitness of body. She use to spend 2-3 hours on exercises and yoga to maintain the body tune which is essential after marriage.

After 9 months the stage came when she gained 30 pounds because of pregnancy and it was petty surprising that person who is so conscious about fitness gains weight instantly. I took her to family doctor for checkup then she told “Weight gain does things for you and your baby. First of all remember you are growing a new human being. We know that women who deprive themselves of good nutrition during pregnancy tend to have smaller, sickly babies who require more hospital time and have a higher incidence of problems including neonatal death.” Finally I came to know the real cause behind the weight gain.

Where the Weight Goes

7.5 - 8.5 lbs Baby
2 lbs Amniotic Fluid
1.5 - 2 lbs Placenta
1.5 - 2 lbs Breast Tissue
3 lbs Blood Volume
2 - 2.5 lbs Uterine Muscle
4 lbs Water
8 lbs Maternal Stores

So I at last was happy because after 30-40 days some one will took birth who will call me the four magical alphabets “DADY”. Doctor also told me that after 2-3 month she would be again fit ‘n fine and may control her weight.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Swimming beneficial for losing 40 pounds

I was also surprised when my grandfather Mr. David john suggested me to swim for half an hour daily. He has vast experience as a swimming coach and gym trainer. I was gaining weight very quickly and then finally my weight became 190 pounds which was quit more as compared to height.

I was having a very busy schedule those days because the client reports were to be sent but then also I managed to take out 30 minutes for swimming. I joined a health club where swimming pool was available and purchased a suit.

I shocked after a week when I measured my weight which came down from 190 pounds to 180 pounds. When my grand father heard about it he became happy because he was the one to advise me for swimming.

Finally after one month’s hard work I brought my weight to 150 pounds. So that’s nice because I have only spent 500 USD for loosing weight.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sizzling weight loss challenge for kids

According to a research News 19 found three kids between the ages of 12 and 14 that want to lose weight fast. They're working with a trainer and nutritionist and we'll be tracking their progress.

News 19 has partnered with the Charles Drew Wellness Center to start a Weight Loss Program for kids. The kids will work with a personal trainer and nutritionist so they can gain the skills they need to shed pounds and become healthier.

Our first participant is 14-year old Aries Jordan. Aries loves spending quality time with his younger brother Austin.

He says his self-esteem is high and he has lots of friends.

Still, Aries is sometimes singled out. He said, "I get picked on a little bit but it doesn’t matter to me."

Aries is teased because of his weight. In the last two years, his mother, Tracy says he's gained 70 pounds. Right now, he's 5'8 and weighs 243 pounds.

Aries said, "He's bigger than the average 14-year old."

Aries is on the football team at Hand Middle and he plays basketball recreationally, but when the seasons are over, the weight he loses piles back on.

Tracy said, "He has diabetes on both sides of his family so the possibility of him getting diabetes is great because of his weight."

When it comes to eating, sometimes, Tracy does cook, but she says healthy eating comes at a cost.

Tracy said, "It costs more to eat nutritiously for me. I'm on a budget and to eat better, it just costs more."

They eat fast food two to three times a week.

Tracy added, "It's quick and it's cheap."

Aries is ready to make a change. He wants to eat better and work out more.

He told News 19 the reason why. Aries said, "So I can look slimmer and be more comfortable with my body more."

While he's the focus, Tracy's hoping the entire family will benefit from his lifestyle change.

Tracy said, "I think its best that we all work together as a family for all of us to lose weight and learn how to cook and find more affordable ways to buy nutritious food."

We have two other participants in the program. 12-year olds, Perla Reyes and Jade Cain. Their stories will air on News 19 over the next couple of days. You can also see all of the participants’ first assessments with personal trainer, Bertram Bailey and nutritionist, Teri Marriott Wednesday night at 11PM.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Late night sleeps may cause overweight

Dancing in disco for late nights, chatting with your friends etc. is responsible for waking up late in the morning which slowly increases your body weight. Recently a research was done in America according to which 60-65% of citizens are gaining weight only because of improper schedule of getting up and going for sleep. Mr. adwords an experienced American scientist has proved that normally a human being has to sleep for atleast 7-8 hours but if he breaks the schedule in that case also it comes under improper timings.

I remember my college life very well when I use to sleep at 12 pm and waking up at 10 am which affected on the body weight. During one month I gained around 40 pounds only because of bad habits which became a critical problem for me but I never get upset. I started striving hard and searching for all resources which could be helpful in reducing my weight. I have gone through around 40 weight loss programs but all were based on the same criteria and functionality.

As per my experience you should avoid late night plays because these are short term fun and could vanish away your whole life. For more information you can discuss with your family doctors and take their advices, if at any point you need my help contact freely through mails.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Lose weight fast with Fiber

Now here's what you've been seeking - a diet that's easy to follow and has been successful for many.

All you have to do is eat 35 grams of fiber a day. And the catch? Most Americans eat about half that amount.

Fiber is one of the most useful and beneficial ingredients on the planet, author Brenda Watson writes. It also helps prevent diabetes, heart disease and cancer, and it also is said to curb appetite, increase satisfaction and flush calories out of the body.

So, if you increase your fiber intake, you should lose weight because you'll feel full, safely lose weight, look your best, feel more energetic and stay healthy for life.

Fiber is the indigestible part of fruit, seeds, vegetables, whole grains and other edible plants. It is one of the most useful and beneficial ingredients on the planet, Watson writes.

In addition to talking about the benefits of fiber, the authors include 49 pages of fiber-loaded recipes, menu plans and a comprehensive workout regimen of strength and cardio exercises.

The three-phase Fiber35 Diet has a personalized weight-loss equation based on how many pounds you want to lose. And then it helps you maintain that weight.

During the first phase, the most stringent, participants reduce their daily calories by 1,000. In phase two, they reduce their calories by 500. In the last phase, participants simply make sure they eat at 35 grams of fiber daily and eat a healthful diet.

So what are the suggested fiber foods?

Apples, beets, carrots, cranberries, oat bran, oranges, peaches, peas, cauliflower, dried beans, fruit skins, popcorn, potato skins and whole grain breads, cereal, oatmeal and pasta.

Watson summarizes the book's goals with this: "Optimum health begins and ends with what we eat, and of equal importance, what we do not eat."

Monday, May 12, 2008

Great diet chart for losing weight fast

Delicious food always attracts your tongue taste to break all the limits. Doctors and physician also concluded that “when taste comes health goes down” but it’s all in your hand to have a control on diet. Age is the major aspect of your life because when you eat spicy and fast foods at that time no precautions are been taken for health and you spoils diet chart.

Now before going ahead we should know exactly what is Diet chart? Diet Chart is a planned and systematic way of managing your food quality and quantity on daily basis. It’s necessary that we should obey the chart sincerely because loosing weight is game of patience. Overall it’s a slow and steady race which is a dream of every fat person to win this game. Once a specialized team of doctors in US conducted a open poll for asking every fat person why you want to loose weight and the 90% of them mentioned these reasons:

->To get fit
->To avoid health problems
->To improve your self confidence

So, now are we ready to make a diet chart? Don’t worry I’ll help you out. Follow these steps one by one smartly. While preparing a diet chart for weight loss, write down the following important points as guidelines.

1• Ensure that you have 4 to 6 small meals and snacks everyday, and not 3 large meals. This helps you control your hunger, and helps the body to meet its nutrients requirements in a better way.
2•Plan your meals in advance. By not doing so, you may be tempted to have high fat or junk foods. It is better to have fresh and low-fat foods around you.
3•Keep your plans very simple and start by just counting calories.
4•Make sure that you eat your foods slowly. This is a very important point if you really want to lose weight.
5•Select your food items carefully. These should generally include fruits, vegetables, whole grain cereals, and beans, low-fat or nonfat dairy products, low fat meats.
6•Avoid foods that are high in fat and calories. Also, keep yourself away from foods that have high sugar content such as pastries, candy bars, and cakes.
7•Use a variety of fruits and vegetables in your nutrition plan. Start by trying to eat 5 total vegetable and fruit servings every single day.

Your diet chart is ready to help you to loose your overweight. But always keep in mind to follow it truly because nobody watching you it’s your heart that knows the truth. The more sincerely you obey chart more frequently you get rid of fatty body.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Weight-loss drug damages your nervous system

Mark Bear and colleagues at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology studied the effects of a chemical that suppresses appetite by blocking cannabinoid receptors in the brain, the same brain mechanisms that make people hungry when they smoke marijuana.

"I think that the cautionary note is that these mechanisms play an important role in ... brain development," said Bear, whose study appears in the journal Neuron.

Sanofi-Aventis' weight-loss pill rimonabant, also known as Zimulti and sold under the brand name Acomplia in Europe, is the first in this new class of drugs. A U.S. expert panel rejected it last June because of fears it might trigger suicidal thoughts.

Other drugmakers, including Merck & Co Inc, are working on similar drugs.

Bear's team at MIT was hoping to gain insight into how the brain adapts and rewires itself through learned experiences. This so-called plasticity is central to the development of neurons in the brain of children and young animals.

Bear said these cannabinoid receptors are known to regulate signals between neurons, and his team wanted to see if they would have an effect on plasticity in these young mice.

They were specifically testing learning in the visual cortex of the mouse, a part of the brain that processes information gathered from what they see.

Source: ucsfhealth.org