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Hi..I'm going through weight loss program and thought of sharing my own experience with those who are really dishearten and nobody to guide them. So my friends don't be upset just know how to loose weight in simple steps. All you need is to be keep patience as its not any magical job to loose weight. As per i think it's a slow 'n steady race which we have to win at any cost.

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Monday, June 30, 2008

Now weight loss excerices varies

If you're interested in losing fat, you're objective is to create a daily caloric deficit. For example, If you're consuming 1700 calories per day, and expending 2000 calories per day, your caloric deficit is 300 calories. Losing a pound of fat requires a deficit of 3500 calories. So, to lose two pounds per week would require a daily deficit of 1000 calories.

If you'd like to increase your daily caloric deficit, you have two options;

1. To decrease your caloric intake by eating fewer calories, or..

2. To increase your caloric expenditure via more activity / exercise. However, you cannot decrease your daily caloric intake much lower than 1200 to 1500 or so without potentially creating health and metabolism problems.

In fact, many people's metabolism (basal metabolic rate) is so slow from years of inactivity and dieting, that they are only burning fewer than 1500 calories per day. Without exercise, they would have to decrease their daily caloric intake to unhealthy levels to lose weight. And, a caloric intake that's too low only creates more metabolism problems and a vicious cycle of more weight gain.

So, the only remaining factor in the deficit equation is caloric expenditure through increased activity / exercise.

The good news is that you can substantially increase your caloric expenditure. For example, if you're currently walking for 30 minutes two days per week, over a period of several weeks you can increase your walking to 60 minutes per day, six to seven days per week and begin weight training for 30 minutes three days per week.

In this example, you would increase your monthly exercise minutes from about 240 to 1530. Plus, in addition to the calories that you're expending during exercise, you would also substantially increase the number of calories you're burning 24 hours-a-day, yes, you'll even burn more calories while you're sleeping because you've fired-up your basal metabolic rate. You can't beat that, can you?

Here's another VERY important reason to exercise while you're restricting calories and trying to lose weight. you tend to lose muscle tissue from any muscle that you're not using while you're restricting calories. You've heard it - use it or lose it. And, there are three main consequences to losing muscle;

1. Your metabolism (basal metabolic rate) decreases causing you to burn *fewer* calories 24 hours-a-day and causing the maintenance of your weight loss to be *very* difficult.

2. Your muscles get flabby and mushy.

3. You are weaker and become fatigued more easily.

That's enough to get anybody to start exercising. Get going!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Weight loss: How to mess up?

All of weight control/loss is about us choosing to take control of our lives. It's a vibration waiting to happen. We have to take hold of the vibration. The vibration is our steering wheel. However, only you and I can grab the steering wheel and drive our bodies as we choose them to show up.

When we take control, then the automatic nature takes over and helps us. Why? Because desire for any level of improvement in ourselves, as in taking better care of ourselves and the quality of our lives is a higher nature intention.

It's not an accident that some of us seem to drive ourselves nuts with off and on weight loss projects. Our higher selves are tying to get a message through to us. And it begins at the basic level of our biggest desire. That desire for many is body image. We think if we look better, then all else in our lives will fall into place. Some of that statement is true, but not all of it.

The truth is in keeping our bodies where we want them consistently, so that our thoughts do not stay stuck in that avenue of our lives. If it does, it then bleeds over into all other aspects of our lives. Money, relationships, health.

Funny thing this life of ours. For some of us, it's always something. If the money is good, then the relationship isn't, if the relationship is good then the money or health or body image is out of whack.

Quite often if we teach ourselves the tools of the gods through weight loss, we then have the shortcuts to all areas of our lives working at the same time. But it takes practice to reach the skill level, where we finally stop tripping over ourselves in some area of our lives.

Susan James writes of User Friendly Physics and The Immaculate Physics Applications to our lives. From Millionaires to Weight Loss, Susan writes from personal application of Maverick Momentum methods.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Weight loss leader has shed 64 pounds

When you hear stories of people losing 64, 55 and 43 pounds within five months, it usually means you're watching an infomercial.

But such stories also are about your neighbors in Northbrook, Glenview and Highland Park, who are the last three contestants in the local "Move It and Lose It Now" program, akin to the contest featured on television's "The Biggest Loser" reality show.

The local contest, sponsored by Sylvia Orizaba, owner of Body Empowered Fitness Studios in Northbrook and Highland Park, started with 11 contestants Feb. 1. It will end with a weigh-in July 31, which will reveal the person who has managed to shed the highest percentage of his or her own body weight.

The winner will receive a lifetime of free personal training sessions at Body Empowered Fitness.

In the lead

Northbrook's John Fitzpatrick is the front runner: He's lost 64 pounds.

The senior portfolio manager for Allstate tells a story that many people can relate to: He weighed 200 pounds in high school, 225 pounds at the age of 40 and 275 at age 45.

Although he's just 11 pounds from his high school weight, he's working harder than ever to get there. "It isn't coming off as easily" as the first two months, Fitzpatrick said. "I've definitely hit a plateau, and now I've got to work out harder at the gym."

"If I win I can get tortured even more" by the trainers, Fitzpatrick joked.

Running second

David Allen, a professional musician who works odd hours performing in Chicago bars and nightclubs, was leading after losing 39 pounds during the first two months of the competition. He is still in the running, after taking off 16 more pounds. Allen, who started at 300 pounds, concurred that it's getting hard to shed weight.

"The last month was a little frustrating because I reached a plateau and I was only moving a few pounds," Allen said.

Allen is perplexed how Fitzpatrick raced ahead of him.

"I don't know if he's been cutting off limbs or what," Allen joked.

"I was always leery about it being a race," Allen said. "Doctors always tell you to lose it slowly but surely, and that's what I'm looking to do.

"I starting to go from contest mode to the rest of my life mode," in how he thinks about the contest, Allen added.

If he doesn't win, Allen said he's thinking of splitting is workouts between the studio and a regular health club.

"I'm so thankful they're allowing me to use this as a springboard to change my life," Allen said. "I love working with the trainers, but sometimes I like to put my music on and work out alone."

45 pounds lighter

Highland Park's Robert Suszek, 41, is in third place after losing 45 pounds. He lost 20 pounds during the first two months and another 25 pounds since. He began the contest at 390 pounds.

"I have a bad back and two bum knees. Not carrying a 50-pound weight all the time is great," said Suszek, who works as a salesman.

"My wife says I don't snore as much when I sleep," Suszek said.

"I have four children and I want to be around for them," Suszek said. "My oldest said 'dad, I can wrap my arms around your whole body now.' "

"He looks awesome," wife Angela said. "It definitely shows in his personality. He has a lot more energy and he sleeps better."

Orizaba said it's no secret why these three finalists are still in the competition.

"They've worked the hardest and they've been able to put in the time."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Weight loss drugs in highlights

A controversial weight-loss drug has been approved for use on the NHS. Rimonabant will be made available to overweight or obese patients who cannot take, or who have had no success with, two other drugs, orlistat and sibutramine. It comes after concerns about rimonabant's side-effects, including suicidal thoughts and depression.

The news comes after the medicines watchdog said last month that it had received 720 reports of adverse drug reactions (totalling 2,123 individual reactions) in the UK since the drug launched in 2006.

Five resulted in death (one suicide, one from infection, one sudden death from an unknown cause and two heart attacks), the data, from the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA), showed. Of the total number of reactions, 974 involved psychiatric disorders, of which 48 reports involved suicidal thoughts. A total of 93 involved depression, 32 involved panic attacks while others related to, among other things, inability to sleep, mood swings and tearfulness.

The drug went on sale in the UK in June 2006 but approval from the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (Nice) for use on the NHS has only just been issued.

People in the UK, Germany, and France are the highest users of rimonabant worldwide. It has not yet been authorised in the US due to safety fears. In December, research published in The Lancet medical journal warned of the the mental health hazards from rimonabant. A review of trial evidence involving more than 4,000 patients found they were three times more likely to stop treatment because of anxiety than patients given a dummy drug, and 2.5 times more likely to stop because of depression.

The Nice guidance recommends rimonabant "as an addition to diet and exercise for adults who are obese or overweight and who have had an inadequate response to, are intolerant of or are contraindicated to orlistat and sibutramine".

Friday, June 20, 2008

Australia emerges as world's fattest nation

According to an alarming new report, Australia has become the fattest nation in the world, with more than 9 million adults now rated as obese or overweight.

The most definitive picture of the national obesity crisis to date has found that Australians now outweigh Americans and face a future "fat bomb" that could cause 123,000 premature deaths over the next two decades.

If the crisis is not averted, obesity experts have warned, health costs could top $6 billion and an extra 700,000 people will be admitted to hospital for heart attacks, strokes and blood clots caused by excess weight.

The latest figures show 4 million Australians — or 26% of the adult population — are now obese compared to an estimated 25% of Americans. A further 5 million Australians are considered overweight.

The report, Australia's Future 'Fat Bomb', from Melbourne's Baker IDI Heart and Diabetes Institute, will be presented at the Federal Government's inquiry into obesity, which comes to Melbourne today.

A grim picture is painted of expanding waistlines fuelled by a boom in fast food and a decline in physical activity, turning us into a nation of sedentary couch potatoes.
Those most at risk of premature death are the middle-aged, with 70% of men and 60% of women aged 45 to 64 now classed as obese.

But some weight specialists have questioned the tool used to measure obesity, saying "entire rugby teams" would be classified as obese if their body mass index (BMI) was calculated. BMI is measured by dividing weight in kilograms by height in metres squared. A BMI of over 25 is considered overweight while more than 30 is obese.
But the tool does not distinguish between muscle and fat, prompting calls for the BMI overweight limit to be raised to 28.

However, even leading nutritionist Jenny O'Dea from the University of Sydney — who recently claimed Australia's childhood obesity epidemic had been exaggerated — has backed the new figures, which suggest that the crisis for adults has been drastically underestimated.

Professor O'Dea said that while being fat was not necessarily a health risk for everyone, there was no doubt obesity was taking its toll on the nation.
It was previously thought that around 3 million adults were obese. But many past surveys were seen as unreliable as they often required participants to guess their own weight.

The latest data was based on more than 14,000 people at 100 rural and metropolitan sites in every Australian state and territory. Each had their BMI recorded by having their weight, height and waist measured as part of a national blood pressure screening day last year.

link-via-The Age

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Quick weight loss diet pills

Nowadays there are many options available for those who want to lose weight fast. All it depends on you whether to go with the risk free which is the difficult way to lose weight or to take up an easy which is more risky way for weight loss. Mainly there are two factors that our body's weight is dependent on. They are:

1. DIET: Most important factor which affects your body weight and if not taken right precaution may results in overweight.

2. EXERCISE: Secondly the workout which we do as per the body needs. If proper and regular exercises are done then it may show some quick results without any weight loss pills.

Hence by having a control on these two parameters we can cut the body weight. However not always is it easy to reduce weight with the help of only diet control and exercise. In some cases you need an external help to reduce the extra fat in the body or to shed some kilos. This extra support may be through the weight loss pills. The weight loss pills comprise of the special components, mainly natural nutrients such as the vitamins etc, to control the body's metabolism. Our body's metabolism decided the way and the quickness of burning of the extra fat content in the body. If the metabolism of the body is fast, the fat contained in the body would be burned faster. You can reduce your body weight rapidly and more easily using weight loss pills.

One should consult their doctors and physicians to know the details of the different weight loss pills that are available in the market. If you have already used a particular brand of weight loss pills, then you continue using the same. The weight loss pills can also be used by the patient who are suffering from the problem so morbidly obesity. To increase the body's metabolism you can further do the breathing exercises. You can increase and regulate the body's metabolism rate through breathing exercises easily. Moreover the breathing exercises are safe to do and can be done anywhere in a short time period. You may also get ideas about fast weight loss here without any charges.

Women who have just conceived for them the diet pills are different. Weight loss pills may also benefit female who have just been pregnant and wants to reduce the extra fat and weight that they have gained during pregnancy. They can also do the exercise to reduce the weight faster. Weight loss pills are not only a safe way of reducing weight, but are efficient as well the weight loss pills have a fixed course.

I’ll recommend all of you to first discuss from experts/doctors/physicians before choosing the weight loss pill brands.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to make rapid weight loss

Overweight not only affects the physical appearance of the body but also harms in many ways. This could be the overall quality of life, self-esteem, depression, health risks, and physical incapability. Once people experience with weight loss they also get aware of lot of positive aspects. It is for this reason why a lot of people are searching for a weight loss technique that will surely trim down those fats and get a super slim head turner body. So here we start with the treatment…

First of all over-weight should ask their doctors to suggest best weight loss program. This will be done after a full physical examination, which leads to the determination of proper weight loss technique. Four aspects of life that are to be considered to lose weight fast:

->What to eat
->How to eat
->Eating behavior
->Activity level

Here are fast weight loss tips that can change lifestyle:

1. Fast weight loss comprises of multiple technique including meditation, exercise, yoga and also diet supplements in special cases. Begin by learning a diet food plan that can easily be accustomed with. Incorporate an exercise plan that allows even at least fifteen minutes a day like brisk walking, running, swimming, and dancing.

2. Set realistic approaches because if you focus and have proper mindset enables someone on a diet to quickly lose those extra pounds. With discipline and proper mind set, a dieter will never be discouraged and lose focus.

3. Concentrate on your body language. Each and everyone's body metabolism reacts differently to different fast weight loss programs and plans. Try substituting one program for another to compensate the body's reaction. Exercise program must be suitable to one's body, as others are not able to exercise as rigorously as others can. If walking is all that can be done, then walk for this is proven the best exercise. Muscles burn more calories than fats so it's also best to put on a little muscle and looking good too.

4. Increase the amount of fibers in your diet as it makes a person full sooner and stays in the tummy longer, slowing down the rate of digestion. A single serving of whole grain bread moves fat through the digestive system faster. Grains turn into blood sugar that spikes the body's insulin level. Thus, making the body more energized and ready to tell the body when it should stop burning fats or start storing.

5. Say no to fried foods especially deep-fried as this contains a great amount of fat. Although fish and chicken appear leaner than beef, this white meat can contain more fat than when a beef is fried. It is recommended for those on strict diet to opt for grilled food as this does not have or contain less amount of fat after the food is cooked.

6. Try to take lots of fluid. Drinking at least six to eight glasses of water a day keeps the body refreshed. Since weight loss depends on how the body eliminates body wastes, the body must stay hydrated.

All these steps following consistently and honestly may help you cut some extra pounds without spending money safely. For further weight loss tips you may contact through mails.

Friday, June 6, 2008

U.S teenager drinks 356 calories daily

As per U.S researchers children who are in habit of sugar-sweetened beverages (sodas, fruit drinks and sports drinks) drink an average of 356 calories per day.

Comparing data from two time periods, 1988 to 1994 and 1999 to 2004, researchers at the Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health showed that over-consumption of sugary beverages is widespread, with 84 percent of teens consuming sugar-sweetened beverages on a typical day.

An adolescent male who intakes the average amount of sugar-sweetened beverages per day of 356 calories should need to jogging for atleast an hour or walk for more than three hours to burn off these excess calories, lead author Dr. Y. Claire Wang.

The study, published in the journal Pediatrics, also showed that children ages 6 to 11 consumed 20 percent more calories from sugar-sweetened beverages in 1999 to 2004 compared with the 1988 to 1994 period.

The study also noted a more rapid increase in sugar-sweetened beverage calorie consumption among African-American and Mexican-American youth.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Weight loss surgery demand hikes up

Weight loss surgery, instant way of losing weight without making any hard efforts but expensive and this makes it out of reach for poor peoples. Many patients at Martha Jefferson Hospital in Charlottesville are using Bariatric surgery to get rid of their overweight.

Although many people think of it as purely cosmetic, there are health benefits that come with trimming fat.

Sally Askew, an Albemarle County resident who underwent the procedure said “I was ready to go. I bugged them to death until they got me in. I was very excited about it.”

Askew said she was tired of not being able to be active with her grandchildren. Now, she's lost 35 pounds and says she has more energy.

“This just seemed to be to be what I was looking for for a long time. I've always been pretty active, but it's just more fun now,” she added.

But the road to improved health wasn’t simple.

Dr. Michael Trahan, a surgeon who performs the procedures at the hospital told “The misconception is that bariatric surgery is an easy way out of morbid obesity. It's actually very challenging in a lot of ways.”

Gastric bypass and Banding are two procedures. During bypass surgery, the intestines and stomach are divided, and staples are used to seal everything shut. Option two, a banding procedure, shrinks the stomach without any cuts. Instead, a band is tightened to control intake.

Trahan says the surgery helps people with high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and Type 2 diabetes.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Avoid beers and chilly chicken for loosing weight

Drink more ‘n more beer and eat some fatty foods if someone has to gain weight quickly but avoid all these drinks and chilly chicken if you want to loose weight fast. Beer is the world’s oldest and most popular alcoholic beverage. I remember that day very well when my brother took me to his company named foster which makes beer and popular brand in Australia.

Beers have starches and high volume of fat which could be dangerous for those who are going through weight loss program. Wow how tasty this dish is? Can anyone make a guess? Don’t stress your brain I’ll tell you…..this is chilly chicken. While drinking some cold beers everyone likes to eat chicken and its first choice chilly one but if start taking roasted chicken or half cocked on light fire without having any spicy cover.

So by exploring all these tricks you may definitely control overweight because it’s a practical experiment exhibited in real life. You may also consult family doctors or specialized physicians for clearing all confusions.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Instant weight loss program may kill body fitness

Many big shots claims to treat overweight in just 20 days but after some time you start loosing body energy. Why this happens? A year before I have gained some 40 pounds because of excess eating of fast foods and drinking red wines. I consulted my family doctor Mr. smith jones who advised me to join some weight loss program. Then I searched on yahoo and find an instant way for getting rid of unwanted fat.

After paying some 500 USD they cured my overweight in three weeks but as the time passed I started loosing body fitness. My energy boasters were vanishing slowly-slowly and finally when I became lazy man. I immediately ran to that weight loss company and reported their manager. After a long discussion with him I find no satisfactory comments then I decided to go for go for Yoga and meditations. According to the scientific researches yoga cures overweight well and moreover it doesn’t have any side effects.

So before joining any weight loss program please consult some specialist and try to know all their hidden side effects which can harm your body later on. If you want some advices on how to loose weight fast contact me immediately. My advices are totally free and easy.