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Hi..I'm going through weight loss program and thought of sharing my own experience with those who are really dishearten and nobody to guide them. So my friends don't be upset just know how to loose weight in simple steps. All you need is to be keep patience as its not any magical job to loose weight. As per i think it's a slow 'n steady race which we have to win at any cost.

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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

US prisoner claims instant weight loss

An overweight prisoner in the United States is suing the authorities for not feeding him enough after he lost about seven stone (45kg) in jail. Broderick Lloyd Laswell, who is awaiting trial for murder, dropped to 22 stone (140kg) after eight months inside the Arkansas prison.

He claims his vision has gone blurry while trying to exercise. The prison says the meals average 3,000 calories a day - more than the US recommended daily intake for adults. Laswell has filed a federal law suit complaining Benton County jail does not provide inmates with enough food.

Hungry again

According to the suit, Laswell weighed 29 stone (187kg) when he was jailed in September. Police say he has been charged with fatally beating and stabbing a man, the Associated Press news agency reported.

"On several occasions I have started to do some exercising and my vision went blurry and I felt like I was going to pass out," he wrote in his complaint. "About an hour after each meal my stomach starts to hurt and growl. I feel hungry again." He then goes on to complain about the lack of physical exercise, adding: "The only reason we lost weight in here is because we are literally being starved to death."

The suit also asks that the county be ordered to serve hot meals instead of cold food.

Friday, April 25, 2008

The Orange County: Sensational Weight Loss Challenge

We would like all of you to participate in an upcoming Weight Loss Challenge. A Weight Loss Challenge is a 12-week program that advises people on proper nutrition, food choices, encourages exercise and is open to anyone in the community who is interested.

Each week a different nutritional topic will be covered, i.e. Heart Health, Protein, Fiber, etc. In addition, the participants will receive their own personal coach, a FREE body analysis, group support, and much, much more!

The cost is $39 for 12 weeks. $29 will be paid out in cash and prizes to the winners. $10 will be donated back to Fit Kids, which is a Foundation for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity. Specific rules will be in place to keep everyone consistent. If you fail to weigh-in, you pay a $5 fee, as well as a $1 fee per pound gained.

These fees are added to the cash payout at the end. Each week participants weigh-in and consult with the coaches who will help them along the way. You can choose to be on any weight-loss plan you want.

Our previous challenge ended two weeks ago with the participants losing almost 200 pounds and 141 inches, and the payout was $665! Our next challenge will begin on Thursday, May 1st at 7:00 p.m. in the Monticello Clubhouse in Costa Mesa.

Link-Via-Daily Pilot

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Heart attacks frequently occurs with excess fat

Heart attack is one of the major diseases which could result in instant death. Our scientists and doctors put their hard efforts to find the truth behind this dangerous attack. One day while reading newspaper I shocked for a moment when saw the major reason is excess amount of fat in your body. My grandfather was a health man but as age was increasing his body fat level hiked up, I know very well one day he told me he’s loosing his energy level due to overweight.

According to the American Heart Association, about 62 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease, which can include high blood pressure, coronary heart disease (heart attack and chest pain), stroke, birth defects of the heart and blood vessels, and congestive heart failure, and close to a million die from such conditions every year.

Research studies prove that diets high in fat and cholesterol cause blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure to go up, whereas low-fat, low-cholesterol diets cause blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure to go down.

"The problem is that people usually decide on alternative systems as a last resort," laments Imran Ali of the Integrated Medical Center (IMC), New Delhi. "A person suffers a heart attack and is rushed to a heart specialist. He is saved and then asked to control his weight, take a balanced diet and do regular exercises. That's when he comes to us! Why not earlier? Why do people have to undergo trauma and then learn? If they visit us early enough, the heart attack or stroke wouldn't occur in the first place," he says.

So, what are you waiting for rush up to your family doctor or physicians and take their advices on heart attacks. You may also contact me for any information about overweight and how to loose weight fast.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Lose belly fat with me fast

Nowadays many big guns shouting for effective weight loss plan but whom to choose because some of them may really damage you body fitness. Always proceed with caution when anything is directly related to your health. The immediate success programs are almost worst. As they say "if it is too good to be true then it probably is".

One thing you always need to apply is plain and simple common sense. Firstly you make small changes rather than a dramatic shift in lifestyle. While taking these small practical steps understand what you need to do in order to achieve the most success.

Do simple things like cutting out cream in your coffee this is easy and effective. Try and exchange sugar for honey in your coffee or if that does not work for you try to replace the sugar with something you are comfortable with. Remember it's what you do everyday that counts.
Secondly eat some fresh fruits in morning. Try to choose juicy fruits rather fatty one. Cut up some grapefruit. Before you eat it - drink warm water with lemon. Then eat some whole bran cereal and have whole wheat toast with honey. You can also eat porridge as this will help fill you up. As they say "breakfast is the most important meal of the day".

As for your main meal eat more veggies and good starch like from sweat potatoes and Yams. Stay away from heavily processed foods and cut down on dairy.

Thirdly spend some hours for exercise that really helps to cut off belly fat. I like to golf for example. Choose activities that you enjoy this way you will want to do it. At the gym vary your exercise routines and do scissor kicks and crunches to specifically target that area. All above tips are simple and easily implemented so try them honestly.

Monday, April 14, 2008

How dieting helps in losing weight fast?

Overweight is not a curse but all because of your poor diet planning’s and habit of running away from exercises. Blindly following someone is also wrong so go through what the facts and evidences he’s trying to explain you. Sometimes diets also vary because it’s not same for all types of bodies. Doctors have proved many times that “you can not loose weight fast until and unless you don’t plan a nutritious diet chart. So I have mentioned some facts about how to loose weight fast.

One of the worst routines that overweight people often have is eating out a lot. The reason this is so bad is because restaurants serve larger portions. Much larger than the average person needs. Secondly, they serve food that is pleasant to our taste buds. Most of these foods are high in fat and therefore high in calories. Face it, a restaurant is not concerned about your weight loss. They are only concerned with making food that tastes so good that you keep coming back for more. This is the way they make money.

So what can you do to reduce your caloric intake when eating out? If you are going to eat an entree, make it a salad. Drink a full glass of water before the meal. Try not to eat white bread with your meal. Order any meat baked or grilled instead of fried. If possible, order a side of vegetables and eat them first before the main dish. When you start to feel full, stop eating. Finish off the meal with a glass of water. Following these simple tips will keep you from overeating when eating out.

So what other poor practices are there to watch out for?

Overweight people are frequently inactive. In fact, they will miss opportunities to be more active in their daily life. Let's look at a few examples. What do you do when you come home from work? Do you plant yourself in front of the TV until bedtime? This is a bad habit to get into. When you are at work, do you always take the elevator instead of the stairs? Another missed opportunity to get a little bit of exercise. The following are a few tips to put a little bit of activity in your daily routine.

When you are at home, don't spend the day watching TV. Take the opportunity to wash the car, take the dog for a walk or just do some much needed housework. When doing these activities, do them at a pace fast enough to get your heart rate up a little. This is where you start to burn calories. When you go shopping, don't look for the closest parking space available. Park far away from the store and do the extra walking. When at work, go outside on your lunch break and take a walk. Always take the stairs instead of the elevator and stay away from the snack machines.

I hope these tips may help you loose your fat and getting rid of some bad habits which people adores achieving comforts. So always keep in mind that never be late to loose your weight.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Weight loss program promoted through reality shows

Biggest Loser Jeetega the first reality show started in India by SaharaOne Team and on Saturday, September 1, 2007 came the proud moment when Sandeep Sachdev was crowned India’s first Biggest Loser. Sandeep who once weighed 124.9 kilograms had come down to 74.2 kilograms in a span of 16 weeks. As part of the crowning ceremony, he received a cash prize of Rs. 50.7 lacs for losing 50.7 kilograms and a beautiful looking Solitaire as a token of love from Gitanjali Gems & Jewellery.

Talking on this occasion, a very enthusiastic Sandeep said “ I cannot believe what has happened to me. I am feeling very light. I am excited and am trying to live this moment, enjoy this moment. It feels great to see my near and dear ones so happy and proud of my achievement. I have huge responsibilities with this new life.”

One more reality show will also start in coming days in Budweiser Events Center in Loveland and it has been named "The Thinnest Winner." So if anyone wanna participate may proudly give their audition.

Weight loss results of Biggest Loser Jeetega were:

1. Sandeep Sachdev (Winner)
- Original Weight: 124.9 kgs
- Current Weight: 74.2 kgs
- Weight loss: -50.7 kgs
- %Weight Loss: -40.59%

2. Natasha Grover
- Original Weight: 100.8 kgs
- Current Weight: 62.3 kgs
- Weight loss: -38.3 kgs
- %Weight Loss: -38.19%

3. Hiren Bhawsar
- Original Weight: 135.3 Kgs
- Current Weight: 87.5
- Weight loss: -47.8
- %Weight Loss: -35.33%

For more information you may visit official site http://www.biggestloser.in/

Monday, April 7, 2008

How to cut some extra pounds?

In this modern age we all are struggling for our daily needs only because of increased competition in business markets. Unbalanced diets, improper diet plans are the real cause of weight gain or we can say ‘Overweight’ and if it crosses limits one can’t be able to bring it down. I’m not saying that it’s impossible task but not an easy job.

Some specialized physicians made long research for this disease and finally stated that “Overweight may be cured with some weight loss drugs but they have petty side effects which can be dangerous for body. One simple and less costly treatment is doing workouts or exercise”. All you need is to cut some hours from busy office schedules for exercises and planning good diet charts. Some of the exercises can be done while going to office or coming back from office but it depends how seriously you take weight loss?

Workouts not mean that you have to join any health clubs or want to appoint any expert trainers who will help you to lose weight. It can be simple exercises that can be easily performed without torturing your body. Nowadays many yoga programs are getting popular because they are helpful and don’t effect body. So you may join these kinds of centers for cutting some extra pounds. One of the popular name is ‘Baba Ramdev’ who teaches the benefits of yoga and different types of yoga.

I think if someone honestly follow these workouts and get in touch with yoga regularly he can lose weight without damaging body fitness.

Friday, April 4, 2008

Is jogging helpful for losing weight fast?

How to reduce your weight fast and in a simple way? This may be the first question arises in the minds of fatty peoples but the next may be of the money because there’s many doctors and physicians who guarantees and assures you 100% that after being cured by them they would lose weight fast.

Most of them they go for the treatment but some of them who are unable to pay off the costly charges they can go for the Jogging. Now first of all I shall make this easy and free of cost treatment more clear in your minds. Jogging means running on a track or somewhere in open place which is free of traffic and noise.

Jogging is a form of trotting or running at a slow or leisurely pace. The main intention is to increase fitness with less stress than actually running, instead of competition. Now I think you people have understood what exactly this technique is.

The main purpose of jogging in only one “to lose overweight and keep your body fit from diseases” but there may be different ways of doing it and some of them I have mentioned below:

-->Running on a specific track

-->Running on a road

-->Trail running

-->Fell running

You may loose up to 8 to 12 kg of overweight between two to three months depending on your regularity and honesty. I have my own experience of jogging and it’s easy, simple and free of cost. So, loose your weight fast without paying a single penny to any doctor.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Hard and Fast rules for loosing weight

Weight and Overweight. Are they similar? Let’s go in deep and I’ll make this clear with some incredible facts. Oh, when I was thin my parents took me to the doctor to gain some weight. After 6 months special diet I just crossed 80kg which was not a good sign from fitness prospective. Weight which is in limit it’s good but when it exceeds becomes overweight. Again my parents took me to the doctor but now to loose overweight. So don’t ever try the diet pills to gain or loose weight because they many side effects which could be dangerous for body. I have made some easy tips to loose weight but it’s all about winning the race slow and steady. Check out these rules and cure overweight without loosing a single dollar from your pocket.

  • Firstly, stop going for tongue’s taste and start taking nutritious food. It may be distasteful but good for your health.
  • Make a diet chart which may tell you what to eat and follow it honestly. If you want to know how to plan a diet chart you may check this one.
  • Drink at least 3 full glass of water as you wake up in morning.
  • Stop eating roasted chicken or “tandoori chicken” this increases fat in your body. If anyone wants to eat non-veg then eat boiled one without adding spicy material or “masala”.
  • Stay away from diet pills as they have a harmful effect which decreases energy level and fitness.
  • Add lemon juice to daily diet chart but take in limited portion it may harm your lever. Know how lemon juice beneficial for loosing weight.
  • You may do fasting to maintain body structure but this doesn’t spell that you stop eating food.
  • Chew your meals properly and eat slowly for better digestion system.
  • Take five portions of fruit and vegetables every day.

It’s never been too late to loose your weight. Follow these rules truly and be regular. If you adhere these tips for a week and stop following it would be waste efforts. So try these rules for at least 40 days and watch the benefits. For any kind of weight loss suggestions your may contact through mails.