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Thursday, March 20, 2008

Balanced diets may lose weight fast

Over or excess eating effects on body weight which results in overweight. I can’t forgot those winter days when I stop eating as per the diet plans which made me 175 pounds and it’s all because of the heavy work load in office. I have to submit the annual report and for which I started sitting 12-14 hours in front of my laptop and didn’t even get the time to do breakfast, lunch and dinner according to time schedule.

When this kind of time table occurs then there’s no other option left just to eat fast foods in front of anyone and this exactly what I did. Due to unbalanced diet plans I raised body weight and shocked when I gone for health checkup.

So there are more other alternatives instead of eating fast foods and chilly chicken like: fresh fruits, green salads etc. If somebody has to sit in front their computer more than the normal working hours and don’t get the time obeying the regular diet plans they may take these alternatives but skip off unbalancing diets because once your weight crosses limit it becomes hard to get rid of overweight.

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