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Hi..I'm going through weight loss program and thought of sharing my own experience with those who are really dishearten and nobody to guide them. So my friends don't be upset just know how to loose weight in simple steps. All you need is to be keep patience as its not any magical job to loose weight. As per i think it's a slow 'n steady race which we have to win at any cost.

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Monday, March 31, 2008

Tips to lose love handle safely

Love handles are the additional fat which gathers around the abdomen and the upper body. I have mentioned some easy steps which are totally safe. So follow them honestly:


  • Time to exercise (30 minutes a day is fine, if you can do more, even better)
  • Smart diet plans.

Step 1:
To get rid of love handles, modify your diet. Stick to whole grains, lean protein and fruits & vegetables.

Step 2:
Include 3 servings of low fat dairy products a day. Studies have shown that consuming low fat dairy products helps minimize abdominal fat. Cottage cheese and ricotta cheese are particularly helpful when paired with step 4.

Step 3:
Get moving! Yep, to eliminate your love handles and let the underlying muscle shine through, you need to burn some fat. Studies have shown that intervals (periods of alternating moderate and intense activity in the same session) burn fat the fastest and the longest.

Step 4:
Pump iron! Rev up your metabolism so you burn even more fat. Work the muscles in your chest, back, arms, legs and of course your abs. For the best results in the shortest amount of time, alternate your strength training with your aerobic exercise. This will give your muscles time to repair in between sessions.

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