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Friday, September 26, 2008

Acnexus- Best way to cure acne naturally!

Nowadays in teenagers one skin problem named Acne we may see common. Many researchers and skin specialists spent their plenty of time to find the treatments which could cure acne fast. The body can heal itself and make amazing recoveries but this is not possible if the body is not well nourished or is suffering from food intolerance or even allergies. Therefore, a proper nutrition program can be key in helping to clear acne. Many people have deficient diets due to the high percentage of refined foods, sugar and lack of fruit and vegetables consumed. Taking the proper vitamins as well as a nourishing diet can feed the body the vital nutrients to increase healing of skin and skin health. Often though, this may not be quite enough to totally clear acne although it often does help.

There are hundreds of different anti-spot creams, lotions, toners, etc on the market which all claim to clear acne fast. Some of these topical treatments can be effective as they can help keep the skin clean, fight bacteria and help calm the skin. If your acne is mild, this may be an affective treatment. Topical treatments only handle the surface problem though and so I recommend a nutritional program be followed too.

There are some medications used to help clear acne but these are prescribed by your doctor and are usually considered only after other steps (such as above) are taken. Some women may suffer from acne due to a condition of hormonal imbalance and in this case the oral contraceptive pill can assist in correcting this imbalance. It is rare though for women to have a hormonal imbalance and if you suspect this may be the cause of your acne, see your doctor. Some other medications used to clear acne include Isotretinoin and Nicotinamide but these medications can have side effects which range from flushes to psychosis, so this is not the best option and is used in more serious cases!

One natural treatment available is acnexus, which is specially made up all natural scrub.Our research has uncovered that Acnexus is not really a scrub, it's more of a mechanical treatment, like microdermabrasion. In fact, it actually feels just like microdermabrasion. It's infusion of Redmond Clay and micro bits of walnut shell are the primary mechanical exfoliants.

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