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Thursday, September 11, 2008

Weight loss chalanges makes biggest losers

The biggest losers turned out to be winners at Weight Loss Challenge 101, a local program that concluded last week with the distribution of prize money to the participants who lost the highest percentage of body weight.

Acorn reporter Sophia Fischer and I participated in the 12-week program led by Lisa Sallin in her Thousand Oaks home. Sallin weighed us and the other participants each week and periodically measured our arms, legs and waists. She also addressed a variety of health issues and strategies that helped us change poor eating habits and lose weight.

The 13 men and women who took part in the weight loss dropped a combined 108 pounds.

The program fee was $39. Five dollars of each participant's fee went to Fit Kids Foundation, a nonprofit organization that fights childhood obesity. The rest of the money goes into a kitty, and the three people who lost the highest percentage of their weight at the end of the challenge split the cash, with the biggest loser taking most of the prize.

Robyn Bruce, 42, of Oak Park earned the grand prize after losing 23.6 pounds—11 percent of her total body weight. She earned a $200 prize for her efforts.

Ann, a participant who wished to remain anonymous, came in second place after losing 15 pounds—8.2 percent of her body weight. She won $120.

Simi Valley resident Alex Smith, 23, placed third in the competition, shedding 18 pounds— 7.6 percent of his body weight. He received $80.

Accountability, said Bruce, was the key to staying on track. "You bite it, you write it,"

She said she had to record in a journal every morsel of food that went into her mouth.

Bruce said Sallin's approach was "homier" than other weightloss programs because it encouraged friendships and the spirit of competition.

"Alex and I were neck and neck," Bruce said. "That's when I got caught up in the competition. I was going to beat a 23year-old."

Smith said he plans on joining the next class as well. He said Sallin's talks about healthy eating led him to give up his addiction to junk food.

"I cut fast food from my life," Smith said. He also incorporated a regular exercise routine and tries to go to the gym every day.

Fischer and I were not among the celebrated losers. We were both spotty in our attendance and, as anyone who has failed at weight loss knows, we can list a number of reasons—or excuses—of what went wrong.

I lost nearly 8 pounds during the first few weeks of the class, but I lacked the focus necessary to keep up the momentum. I did not embrace the lifestyle changes necessary to shed pounds with gusto. While Bruce, Smith and others joyfully started new exercise routines, including walking, swimming, aerobics and other simple plans, I lacked the commitment to stick to my 10,000 steps per day exercise routine. Rather than focus on how great I felt every time I exercised, I saw the activity as one more chore to include in my already hectic day.

I also didn't stick to the 1,500 calorie plan necessary to keep on losing weight. Even though I gained back some of the weight I had initially lost, I'm grateful to still be a few pounds less than I weighed at the start of the program last June.

Fischer said she had "great intentions" when she first saw the ad for weight-loss coaching.

"I stuck with the program for the first six weeks," Fischer said. "But a two-week visit from my parents, a kitchen disaster, work and four children coming and going interrupted my focus on myself.

"Much to Sallin's despair, I missed a few meetings and never returned," Fischer said. "To her credit, she really tried, calling and e-mailing me to encourage me to continue. I did learn from her, having changed my eating habits and sticking with my early morning exercise regimen of biking, jogging and swimming."

Sallin is proud of her group's accomplishments. "Everyone who came consistently, lost weight consistently," she said, and called the success stories "heartwarming."

One woman was able to fit into a dress she hadn't worn in four years, while another woman was able to stop taking one of her blood pressure medications. Another gal went on vacation and didn't gain an ounce, Sallin said.

"Weight Loss Challenge isn't a diet," Sallin said. "It's a way to become healthier and to lose weight in a fun, stressfree environment."

Both Fischer and I believe that the Weight Loss Challenge is a gem of a program and one of the most effective ways to lose weight locally. We both plan on enrolling again.

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