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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Sizzling weight loss challenge for kids

According to a research News 19 found three kids between the ages of 12 and 14 that want to lose weight fast. They're working with a trainer and nutritionist and we'll be tracking their progress.

News 19 has partnered with the Charles Drew Wellness Center to start a Weight Loss Program for kids. The kids will work with a personal trainer and nutritionist so they can gain the skills they need to shed pounds and become healthier.

Our first participant is 14-year old Aries Jordan. Aries loves spending quality time with his younger brother Austin.

He says his self-esteem is high and he has lots of friends.

Still, Aries is sometimes singled out. He said, "I get picked on a little bit but it doesn’t matter to me."

Aries is teased because of his weight. In the last two years, his mother, Tracy says he's gained 70 pounds. Right now, he's 5'8 and weighs 243 pounds.

Aries said, "He's bigger than the average 14-year old."

Aries is on the football team at Hand Middle and he plays basketball recreationally, but when the seasons are over, the weight he loses piles back on.

Tracy said, "He has diabetes on both sides of his family so the possibility of him getting diabetes is great because of his weight."

When it comes to eating, sometimes, Tracy does cook, but she says healthy eating comes at a cost.

Tracy said, "It costs more to eat nutritiously for me. I'm on a budget and to eat better, it just costs more."

They eat fast food two to three times a week.

Tracy added, "It's quick and it's cheap."

Aries is ready to make a change. He wants to eat better and work out more.

He told News 19 the reason why. Aries said, "So I can look slimmer and be more comfortable with my body more."

While he's the focus, Tracy's hoping the entire family will benefit from his lifestyle change.

Tracy said, "I think its best that we all work together as a family for all of us to lose weight and learn how to cook and find more affordable ways to buy nutritious food."

We have two other participants in the program. 12-year olds, Perla Reyes and Jade Cain. Their stories will air on News 19 over the next couple of days. You can also see all of the participants’ first assessments with personal trainer, Bertram Bailey and nutritionist, Teri Marriott Wednesday night at 11PM.

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