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Hi..I'm going through weight loss program and thought of sharing my own experience with those who are really dishearten and nobody to guide them. So my friends don't be upset just know how to loose weight in simple steps. All you need is to be keep patience as its not any magical job to loose weight. As per i think it's a slow 'n steady race which we have to win at any cost.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Swimming beneficial for losing 40 pounds

I was also surprised when my grandfather Mr. David john suggested me to swim for half an hour daily. He has vast experience as a swimming coach and gym trainer. I was gaining weight very quickly and then finally my weight became 190 pounds which was quit more as compared to height.

I was having a very busy schedule those days because the client reports were to be sent but then also I managed to take out 30 minutes for swimming. I joined a health club where swimming pool was available and purchased a suit.

I shocked after a week when I measured my weight which came down from 190 pounds to 180 pounds. When my grand father heard about it he became happy because he was the one to advise me for swimming.

Finally after one month’s hard work I brought my weight to 150 pounds. So that’s nice because I have only spent 500 USD for loosing weight.


Ben said...

What's up Praveen Rao,
So all you did to lose 40lbs was swim for a half an hour a day. Was there anything you did different in your diet. I would like to cut 40 lbs from my body. I am currently 5'10" and 227lbs. My goal is to be at around a constant 190.

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