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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Heart attacks frequently occurs with excess fat

Heart attack is one of the major diseases which could result in instant death. Our scientists and doctors put their hard efforts to find the truth behind this dangerous attack. One day while reading newspaper I shocked for a moment when saw the major reason is excess amount of fat in your body. My grandfather was a health man but as age was increasing his body fat level hiked up, I know very well one day he told me he’s loosing his energy level due to overweight.

According to the American Heart Association, about 62 million Americans have some form of cardiovascular disease, which can include high blood pressure, coronary heart disease (heart attack and chest pain), stroke, birth defects of the heart and blood vessels, and congestive heart failure, and close to a million die from such conditions every year.

Research studies prove that diets high in fat and cholesterol cause blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure to go up, whereas low-fat, low-cholesterol diets cause blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure to go down.

"The problem is that people usually decide on alternative systems as a last resort," laments Imran Ali of the Integrated Medical Center (IMC), New Delhi. "A person suffers a heart attack and is rushed to a heart specialist. He is saved and then asked to control his weight, take a balanced diet and do regular exercises. That's when he comes to us! Why not earlier? Why do people have to undergo trauma and then learn? If they visit us early enough, the heart attack or stroke wouldn't occur in the first place," he says.

So, what are you waiting for rush up to your family doctor or physicians and take their advices on heart attacks. You may also contact me for any information about overweight and how to loose weight fast.


Michael said...

Blood pressure is pretentious by a number of factors. These include the strong point of your heart, blood vessels' order and the kidneys' fitness. A person who movements regularly, most often has a healthy heart that can drive more blood with each drive and will not need to beat as often in order to keep a normal blood pressure.High Blood pressure also depends upon the artery. Hardened and narrowed arteries caused by old age or a high fat diet can make it harder for the blood to flow, causing the blood pressure to rise. When the arteries begin to stop up, the heart is then subjected to harder work. The kidneys' health also affects blood force. Because the kidneys functions to maintain water and salt volume in the body, if the kidney retains too much water and salt then the blood pressure will also boost.

bobo81 said...

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