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Friday, April 25, 2008

The Orange County: Sensational Weight Loss Challenge

We would like all of you to participate in an upcoming Weight Loss Challenge. A Weight Loss Challenge is a 12-week program that advises people on proper nutrition, food choices, encourages exercise and is open to anyone in the community who is interested.

Each week a different nutritional topic will be covered, i.e. Heart Health, Protein, Fiber, etc. In addition, the participants will receive their own personal coach, a FREE body analysis, group support, and much, much more!

The cost is $39 for 12 weeks. $29 will be paid out in cash and prizes to the winners. $10 will be donated back to Fit Kids, which is a Foundation for the Prevention of Childhood Obesity. Specific rules will be in place to keep everyone consistent. If you fail to weigh-in, you pay a $5 fee, as well as a $1 fee per pound gained.

These fees are added to the cash payout at the end. Each week participants weigh-in and consult with the coaches who will help them along the way. You can choose to be on any weight-loss plan you want.

Our previous challenge ended two weeks ago with the participants losing almost 200 pounds and 141 inches, and the payout was $665! Our next challenge will begin on Thursday, May 1st at 7:00 p.m. in the Monticello Clubhouse in Costa Mesa.

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